Has Oil Caused More Harm Than Good In Nigeria ?


Oil has caused more harm to Nigeria than good. Oil made Nigeria government to reject first proposed restructuring of the nation (Aburi Accord) in 1967. That led to war in which over two million people ( mostly women and children) were killed. Oil spillage and flaring caused pollution of air, land and water of entire Niger Delta. People of the region are endangered and are dying of food poison that is caused by constant flaring of oil and oil spillage. The promise of current Nigeria government to clean Niger Delta is a mirage because nothing is being done about it.

Kogi state has over 20 solid minerals, fertile soil, abundant sun and rain annually. Kogi and Plateau states have the potentials of becoming the richest states in Africa, but Nigeria’s over dependence on oil did not allow states to develop their resources and diversify the country’s economy. With expected exodus of fuel cars and their replacement with electric cars, oil will soon become very cheap and cannot sustain any nation’s economy. Nigeria will not be spared when that happens. The kind of economic recession that the nation will have at that time will be unprecedented if power is not devoluted to federating units.

Some of us are not begging for power devolution. Its rejection by national assembly is a blessing in disguise. United Progressive Party (UPP) has come to our rescue and I am glad for being a member of the party. The inclusion of Self Determination in the manifesto of UPP has given us the opportunity for economic and political emancipation. All states and regions that desire their freedom should join UPP now. We shall bring down the cabals that are enslaving our people with UPP.

Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor

(The Liberator),
UPP Governorship Aspirant for Anambra State 2017 Election






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