Ogun State Environmental Task Force And Brute Ways Of Enforcement


Every Last Saturday of every month is always a day majority of the states in Nigeria set aside for their environmental services, Ogun state inclusively! On this day a majority of the productivity or man hour are lost due to an imposed curfew on movement for at least two hours ! Though action is not constitutionally recognised. Ogun state isn’t left out of this! This situation has made the states to loose productivity, social engagements rescheduled and brute enforcement entrenched . But as it stands now, Ogun state seems to have taken this to a whole new level!

Lagos, as a center of excellence used to have this bug and mentality but as a smart state , Lagos State Government has come to the “harsh” realisation that it is pointless to loose productivity and man hours due to some environmental cleaning exercise! The state did the smart thing by jettisoning it yet keeping the state clean and productive. A situation that the neighboring state of Ogun is yet to come to terms with.

With a lot of enforcement agencies in the state on loose, the Ogun State “busy” enforcement agencies would descend heavily even it means confiscating and destruction of productivity or means of production,that isn’t the business of the agents! Their salaries would be paid at the end of the day but would this action attract the desired investment the state sought for desperately!

Speed Limit a federal government certified logistic firm, winning a lot of laurels from the Federal Road Safety Service (FRSC) and other agencies has been attacked or the cars vandalised. In the word of Chidi Iwu, the CEO of Speed Limit said that

“As men of the Ogun state environmental sanitation task force in front of Ado ota secretariat, Sango Ota, A naval officer with the task force shattered my car’s windscreen with an iron rod.”

He added that “This is supposed to be a state looking for investment from foreigners allowing their officials to behave like touts and displaying barbaric behavior. “

The authorities should call their men to order except they condone this act. In a civilised climes ,there are better ways of cleaning cities and places like New York , London, Brisbane etc don’t go around impeding and stopping people’s movement due to some environmental exercise! Yet these cities are bigger and cleaner than Ogun as a state. The earlier the Nigerian government understand the concept of man hours and the need to utilise it ,the better for the country and above all,actions like this scares away investments and paints the state as a state that is lawless! An action that is putting a dent to the APC government drive for sustained investments.



Tony Christopher


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