NYSC passing Out: What The Future Holds and My Personal Experience – Ify Onyeabo



Lately, the NYSC , the mandatory service year for Nigerian graduates to serve their father land has come to an end. This is one year service which some people will term one year jambiree…ans a lot of Corp members are brandishing their certificates as we see on various social media. Congratulations !

Some funny skeptics has tagged NYSC as Now Your Suffering Continues instead of National Youth service Corps, and they are not far from the truth. When you place the experience of the NYSC people that passed out and you will understand that in Nigeria ,their sufferings are in state of continium as government is continium so are their sufferings.

They do not know what they are now what they are getting into. They are brandishing their certificates, I have been there, I have done that and I am in the vintage position to talk about that!

In the next six months, you’d wish you were a corper earning the N18k and eating free food.

I remember my days as a youth corper. There was a day I sat down somewhere around Ojuelegba. There was nothing on my mind on that day. I just sat down there because I was confused. Normal people walking around actually thought I was normal on that day. I was not.

I had gotten 3 NYSC postings all in a micro finance bank. I didn’t just understand why I was being posted to a micro finance bank instead of a chamber. I kept rejecting myself from those places. The funds with me were going down.

Then luck smiled on me and a certain guy in UBA gave a me a recommendation letter to be posted to UBA. The NYSC director was angry with me. We have been asked to stop bringing such letters. I was issued a query and I pleaded. He forgave me and asked me to go get another letter without my name on it.

When the posting came out, I was not posted to UBA. The cousin of one of the top NYSC administrators was sent to UBA legal department and not me.

That was why I sat at Ojuelegba on that day.

Nigeria makes me laugh. If I were these corpers, I will be planning on how to leave this country.

I had my chances but didn’t leave because my parents will be all alone. All my siblings left long ago.

Today, my father I was nursing died after all.

This is a call for those of you who can to leave this place. It’s better to be a gardener abroad than to be here sharing your CV or if you can’t, have Abraham as a father so that going to heaven wouldn’t be an issue…this means that you must have a strong connection that would land you some great job when you are done wearing the khaki or have a hands-on experience that would guide you to a life of start up. You must make that imperative decision…it’s a dog eat dog world out there and don’t be fooled, it isn’t a rosy or a roller coaster ride. It’s doubly hard out there in a country like ours.

Opportunity might present itself once in a while, you must be eagle eyed to identify and grab it…no mercy and take no prisoner.

I was disturbed when a first class graduate was on twitter last week begging for a job. This is to show how bad it is today. Before, once you have graduated ,go and marry and be rest assured that your future has been laid for you. Today, MBA is roaming around looking for jobs ,how much more you a mere graduate?


Congratulations! Brace up for what life would throw on you, we survived it and you will .

Ify Onyeabo

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