We just received a report of a case of a man who was able to obtain nude pictures of about 30 women he met on facebook. Some of the ladies include married women. The man is now blackmailing those ladies. Most of them are so scared and have been willing to do anything to stop the man from carrying out his threat to publish their pictures.

DPA is investigating and gathering evidence to nail the man. I want him arrested and prosecuted without any of the pictures ever coming to light. But the victims need to cooperate. Let them not fear that their pictures will come out. DPA will do everything to ensure that those pictures don’t get published anywhere.

NOW, listen to me, ladies. Stop giving out your nude pictures. If any man asks for your pictures, please give him any of the pictures you already published on your Facebook profile. If he tells you he loves you and that you should give him your pictures, please don’t believe him. Any man that loves you will not risk putting your nude pictures through the open internet. Any man that loves you would want to see you naked only when he is perfectly alone with you behind a private enclosure. So, it is absolute nonsense when a man tells you that he loves you enough to want to have your nude pictures. The opposite is the truth. He will share your picture someday, unless you don’t care.

This also happens to men. Men send out their pictures too and they could be blackmailed also, especially if they are public figures.

Now, let us say you are weird and you like to live dangerously, so you share nude pictures on social media: this is a trick you can play on the man. When he asks for your nude picture and insists on it, you can go to any porn site and crop up any picture of any woman that is of same body size and complexion as you. Send it to him and he will not know it is not you because he has never seen you and even if he had seen you, there are no body marks that could identify your body from any other woman’s body. Send it to him: That is if you are crazy enough to try such.

Finally, ladies, listen: Did you know that your picture could be screen-grabbed while you are on a video chat with someone? For those of you who refuse to send pictures, but agree to have sex video chat, you are hurting yourself. He can grab the image while on a video chat. One lady just learned the hard way.

First and foremost, have nothing serious to do with anybody you just met on Facebook. You don’t know him and his profile pictures are mostly false. So, assume the worst. When you have gotten married to a man or you have been in a long term relationship, you may trust him enough to mess around with these videos. But even at that, it must be a situation where your man cannot come to see you – like if he is a solider fighting in Sudan as part of the UN troops. Otherwise, tell your husband to come home and have it. No nude pictures, please.

As for the blackmailer, we will soon dislodge him and get him arrested.

Emeka Ugwuonye

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