Norak Technologies Limited Awes Schools with School  Management Software



Norak Technologies Limited, an indigenous digital transformation consultancy and software development company in Lagos has reintroduced their flagship product into the Nigerian market. The school management software known as “Acadasuite”, is designed to make school management, seamless and easier for proprietors, heads and other stakeholders such as teachers. The solution has been lauded as one of the most innovative indigenous education solution in the country.

As schools resume for a new section, there is a need to upgrade many school management infrastructures in the country. In line with local content is  to go for an indigenous solution Acadasuite  is designed to help educational institutions in their day-to-day activities.  The company has encouraged education stakeholders to look inwards and procure indigenous software that would enhance their education management across the boards. With the revamped Acadasuite, the company promises a bespoke approach to deployment of the solution to schools as their demands vary.Image result for norak technologies ltd acadasuite

Speaking about  the solution to the media, Ifeanyi Iheanyichukwu, the Chief Executive and Founder of Norak Technologies Limited said “we strongly believe that the Nigerian education has come of age. The use of  information technology (IT)  solutions are  making lives seamless and easier today, education sector isn’t left out. Having seen how  many Nigerian schools are still doing things the old ways, we are reintroducing this school management solution to them now that the academic session is resumed. Having deployed in schools like St Bridgets, Grenville, Richkind International School, Sam ‘O’ Schools  and many others, we believe that our work is to contribute in  making education easier and seamless in the country  and this is the motivation for us”

“Unlike the conventional over the shelf foreign software, we have our office here in the country and we are basically a phone call away. We take deployment and customer service seriously; we create software that is designed to meet a particular need of any educational institution. We don’t believe that one size fits all approach, we take bespoke as one of our core attributes and that has been one key thing that has been”, Iheanyichukwu opined.

Acadasuite  has modules that are structured to simplify and manage the school process and operations with respect to students, teachers, parents, admission class management, timetable management, attendance, examination results manager, hostel management, library management, bookshop/inventory among others. The software has shown that it made schools to save time, cost, and human resources. Designed  for Tertiary/Higher Education, Colleges (Secondary Schools), Primary, Nursery, Kindergarten and those that have Online Schools.

As schools deploy AcadaSuite , they have been able to experience many benefits such as fully automated record keeping to improve teacher-parent engagement, Improved record organization and transparency, Increase in  profitability and improves efficiency, Ability to pull reports at the individual, classroom, grade, and school-wide levels and more importantly helping school owners to be able to know at any point you know the assets owned by the  school and making daily running cost effective.

“Though, it can be customized, We have integrated into the Acadasuite with great features such as Data based management, such as Staff Management, Student profile data, Classifications by classes and houses. We have Hostel management (allocation, menu, rooms, etc.), Different admins, accesses and controls. We took it further by adding E-Learning features such as Access to contents in modules/weeks, Exams administration mainly CBT and subjective, we also looked at Parents access to students’ performance, results and notifications. Then the analytics are not left out, the software is able to capture Analysis of students’ performance/progress, Analysis of class performance and so many more. The Acadasuite has robust security with  very minimal bugs. Various schools have deployed it in Lagos and can work offline where there is no internet”, Ifeanyi concluded.

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