No Amount Used To Educate A Child IShould Be Considered A Waste! – Obetoh Fred



May 27 every year is recognised globally as the “Children’s Day”, a day set aside for the children and their role in the society.

Children are the leaders of tomorrow is a popular cliche ! As a Christian, it is always imperative to guide the young ones and children to grow. It takes somebody to invest time , energy, money and otherwise in kids. The role of parents is to provide for the children. The best place any parent would invest is in the children.

With recitals and drama , the children’s department demonstrated adaptedness in the recitations of the Bible verse. A way to show that the children of the church are being brought up in the ways of the Lord and Christian tenets.

Fred Obetoh , the General Overseer of Faith Cathedral International Ministry used the opportunity to talk to parents on the modern ways to raise kids and also he seized the opportunity to engage the children.

In the words of the G.O , he said that

” Every parent must endeavor to expose the children to education and modern technology. Parents must endeavor to teach the children what is just. This is the bedrock of the society . In a society that is having difficult differentiating between what is wrong and right. The blurry lines of what is right and wrong is left for the parents to clarify these for the children”.

The time of study isn’t the time of play. The need to limit the use of social media is important.

“Children must understand that there are times for everything and this role is what the parents must understand. Education is a key for the child growth and no amount of money that is invested in the children’s education and capacity building is a waste “, Fred Obetoh added.

Parents must always discipline their children and this is online with the biblical injunction of “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” The role of teachers apart from that of parents is imperative in the upbringing of the child. The parents must also understand that the teacher has the right to chastise and correct the child if there is any need.

The General Overseer also encouraged Christians to raise their children in the way of the Lord. Parents are encouraged to teach their kids on the need to be diligent in whatever they do. The children must understand the concept of dignity of labour and what it means to be hardworking!


Parents are encouraged to plan for their children and make adequate plan for their future! Parents must endeavor to have children they can cater for be it educationally and financially. A child trained well would bring honour to the parents in future, the cleric added. Parents should be guided by Proverbs 1 vs 7. The church also used the opportunity to offer scholarship to the overall best students that would come out of the promotional exams , as a way to encourage the parents and give back to the society.

Faith Cathedral International Ministry

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