Nigeria’s Ranking In Global Power/electricity supply in 2017


The country’s energy situation is so bad that it was only better than Yemen, a war-torn country, in 2017.

Fashola during visitation to the Mainland Independent Power Project, Lagos (Techpoint)

Nigeria has been ranked the second worst country in power/electricity supply in 2017. This is as the country was only able to supply a daily average of 3,851 megawatts (MW) to its 180 million population.

According to a report by the Spectator Index, the electricity supply in 137 countries were examined and Yemen ranked the worst nation. Nigeria, Haiti, Lebanon and Malawi followed the war-torn middle east country to make a list of top 5 countries with worst electricity supply in the year under review.

Other African economies that ranked high on the list are Ethiopia 37 position, South Africa 41st and Algeria 45th.
Other report validating the ranking

Advisory Power Team (APT) also reported that the total electricity distributed by Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) as at January 14, 2018, stood at 3, 851.06mw. A report which confirms the assessment of the rating company.

“On January 14, 2018, average power sent out was 3,851MWh/hour (down by 169MWh/h from the previous day). 1437.9MW was not generated due to unavailability of gas,” said the APT report.

“0MW was not generated due to unavailability of line infrastructure, while 680.5MW was not generated due to high frequency resulting from the unavailability of distribution infrastructure. 290MW was not generated due to unavailability of water.”

Meanwhile, the Advisory Power Team report showed that the current capacity of Nigeria’s national grid is 4, 000 MW.


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