Nigerian Youths With The Help Of Organisations are "Dancing" Away Their Future 


A nation that will always get out of doldrums will always invest massively in human capacity and education of the young ones.Education has always being the key to success ,that’s what our parents told us decades ago,but as it stands today, parents are having a rethink on this key of a success thing of education ! This has been indicated over the way government and corporate organisation treat education with disdain and levity.

Nigeria needs to fund the education sector to provide human capital to develop other sectors of the economy. How can Nigeria become one of the best 20 economies in the world by 2020

Buhari’s administration has shown a disdain for education . 2016 budget earmarked a paltry amount for this crucial sector.From N306.3bn in 2011, to N400.15bn in 2012, to N426.53bn in 2013, to N493bn in 2014, to 492bn in 2015, to N369bn in 2016, Nigeria’s most important sector remains underfunded. While this budget is for the federal level alone, it is still less than adequate for the essential development needed in this sector.
On the side of the private sector, there is no respite .The organised private sector has sufficiently shown that they do not want Nigerians to be educated, they want Nigerians to dance away their future and wants all kids to be the future Davidos and Whizz Kids of our time. With high level of drop outs turning to music and becoming popular and rich. The young ones have no other impression otyer than want to be rich and popular. It’s bow uncool to assure to be a lawyer or even worst a teacher. Most kids wants to be musicians or vixens (dancers ) with little shelf life and bringing nothing to the humanity apart from singing and twerking their buttocks.

Media stations have made it mandatory that our kids watch badly dressed girls that dance to fame. We just can’t sensor the kids anymore, Nigerian Broadcasting Commission has gone to sleep! The hawks have taken over. Emeka Nwadinobi, a parent said”we can’t even monitor what our kids are watvhing these days,witg so many unwholesome stuff coming out if the air waves, it has been crazy checking the contents these kids watch. There is no educational programme ,just music ,music and music” he lamented.

“Our morals and values are completely eroded and we have woken wearing pants and shacking their buttocks vigorously in the screens of television, go to  birthday parties today and you will be amazed at the kids dance steps. They watch these things and copy it,instead of copying how to be a good doctor or a good lawyer” Funmi Ojo, a mother of four added.

In Nigeria today, many organisation are bankrolling music shows,beauty shows and commedy shows. In short , uf you want to get a oatronage for your show in Nigeria, ensure that it’s an  entertainment show. If you want an education show, you will be on your own, as they say in Nigerian streets. Let’s take a look at the sponsorship deals and compare entertainment and education shows in Nigeria. This will be a pinter of Nigeria’s aversion to education.
In entertainment show,byou have this :
• Big Brother Africa sponsored by Coca-Cola: $300,000 (N48m)

• Maltina Dance: N10 million

• MTN Project Fame: N7.5million & SUV

• Etisalat’s Nigerian Idol: N5m & multi-million Naira contracts

• Glo Naija Sings: N5million & SUV

• Gulder ultimate search: N10m plus endorsements & SUV
But in education ,you have thia sponsorship money :
COWBELL Mathematics competition: N100,000 , a far cry from MTN project fame

Lagos State Spelling Bee: N50,000, a paltry amount that isn’t up to a table of four in a music event.

• School scrabble: N25,000,amount for average ticket for a show!

• Cool-FM spelling game: A goodie bag filled with Amiladrink*

• UNN BEST Graduating Student: *N50,000, an amount that could make ab aspiring professor to be an aspiring DJ

This is a micro picture if how we are failing as a nation…and someone is asking and wondering why there’s so much failure in WAEC  and JAMB ? We don’t need to look further ! The evidence is here . Davidos , Ricardo, Don Jazzy and others are the role models of our youths , not tgat it’s bad but we need a better time models like Chimmamnda Adiche and other intellectual like Ngozi Okonji Iweala et al.
If Nigerians do not do this and continue with the trends ,soon a time will come when parents will no longer say”Read your books and get good grades but …Read your lyrics and make a hit song!”
Unlike Cuba that invested massively in education, Nigeria is a country on the path to perdition will take this route and as it stands now, Nigeria has bought a one way ticket to  perdition venue. The flight time to the venue is what hasn’t been ascertained,but while the country neglects educations and keep ignoring the adverse effects of brain drain, perdition venue and self destruct avenue is a destination for the country. If this trend isn’t reversed, I am sorry, Nigeria will still be in doldrums .

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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