The Nigerian Youths: This is life, it waits for no one – Chibuihe Obi



There is a popular saying that goes like this ” procrastination is a thief of time ” and that is what most people do, though , unknowingly. Most folks try to postpone anything they do till later date. This acts have been found mostly in the youths and people in school. With their burst of energy and top notch creative imagination. They tend to forget that while age is still on their side but time doesn’t wait for no one but at a stage, it will be on their side but not forever. So, why don’t start up that idea that you want? Why wait till after school. Experience is the best teacher ,even the academicians will concur with this notion.

There’s no point waiting until you graduate from the university before getting down to work. start your dream now.


Write that book. champion that cause. start that company. design that future you always daydream of. bleed this youthful energy into your future. you look at yourself in the mirror and, by god, you’re so smoking hot and irresistible. you see. I bet you, anything you do now with all these hotness and energy will come out glorious.

Explore your mindscape and push until even the thinnest dot becomes a highway. walk on this road. run the miles.
imaginations are not mere shadows. they are stars. they point to miracles.

I’m telling you this because I know how this truth has help shape my life. i was 19 and in the last year of my NCE program when I received the Teacher of the Year award. I was a part time teacher then. I was living my dream as a teacher. Most of my coursemates were still ashamed of their status as students of a College of Education.

I’ve got five years teaching experience already. I’ve got practical teaching experience aside the theoretical jargons we were inundated with in the classroom.

Life does not begin after graduation. it begins now. live it. chase that dream while you still have guts.

This is life, it waits for no one


Chibuihe Obi



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