Nigeria: Are We Transiting From A Drug Transit Nation To A Drug Consuming One?


I attended an e-seminar on substance abuse today, permit me to share my interest. Thanks.

This package was discovered by a Mum in the suitcase of his son in one of our private universities. This was sent to me for check and we found the following in the pack- marijuana, crayfish and pepper, all ground which is then used to garnish his food!

There is none of our tertiary institutions that is FREE from it! The private universities are hard hit because when many of these students are rusticated, they seek transfers to these private universities. But since they know that these private universities seek for reasons for their transfer, they now retake JAMB to seek for fresh admission.
I guess some of us might have seen some of these pictures before. These are real and they are Nigerians in them!
Honestly, everyone, family, organisation, mosque or church should be worried about this unfortunate development. Many of the young users are graduating and taking employment. I will share a few experiences as we go on.

Probably the only substance available abroad that I have not personally seen yet in Nigeria is FLAKKA.

No, none is photoshopped! You will see these scenes in the many exclusive nightclubs in Lagos and our major cities as well as universities.
That is shisha common in the Middle East. All kinds of substances are substituted. I will mention this later when I come to e-shisha which you can buy online for about 6k.

Folks, there is hardly any part of Lagos that does not have its own local joint- the place where they gather to buy and use these substances! Most unfortunately, after some time, they hardly go home again. They live there. I might in the course of our discussion, mention a few.
There are all kind of locally prepared substances that are then used via all routes. But interestingly enough, not many Nigerian drug user, ..

Only amongst the very affluent who had lived abroad and so, continue here.
Until 2013,Nigeria was only considered as a TRANSIT nation. But now, we are classified as a USER nation. But I can say that we are even transiting now into a MANUFACTURING nation! A few labs across Lagos and Asaba were found by the NDLEA to be manufacturing methamphetamine! The Asaba lab even brought in some foreigners that he called ‘consultants’ from a South American country, who preside over the ‘business:!!!.

These young people have found many ways to disguise these substances which helps them to use them freely undetected at home!.

About 2 years ago, a mother, a devout Christian mother, all written over her by her dressing, caught her son in their kitchen at home, garnishing his Indomie with marijuana!….

Yes, like thyme! I know a private university and a Christian one, that has banned the sale of Coca-Cola and Indomie on its campus! I will come to that in the course of our discussion.
Let me post a material that will further show the level of experimentation that our young people are capable of.
In the North, unless you know the source of purchase, your zobo or kunnu, may have been doused with either cough syrup that contains codeine or other potent alcoholic drinks like alomo etc.
There’s no part of Nigeria that is free from this scourge- not even the rural communities.

For our information, Nigeria is the 8th largest consumer of marijuana in the world!

Any young person that carries around any of these drinks for more than 20 minutes has something else in there!
No segment of the society is FREE! Doctors, nurses and Pastors, do it! We all just must need wake up to confront this menace. I have talked in the Teen churches only to be privately consulted by the young members of these clife styleNo gender or religious demarcation exist! Our young ladies, girls and women, single or married, are even more versatile in this destructive lifestyle.

A dear friend of mine called me just a few weeks ago about her niece who they fear is into something. You cannot believe where her consignment was discovered. She was away to work when the washer and came so, her Auntie-my friend – entered her room to get her dirty clothes from her laundry basket. Lo and behold, the package was found nestling among her dirty clotheooo
.As much as l agree with you,at the family level,adequate attention should be paid to our youth. Parents need to really get close to their children and take an interest in who their friends are. Many of them succumb to peer pressure. Nnkan mbe!needful

Frighteningly so. Probably a lot of
such are closet users. The more reason why we must wake up and do the needful
Thank you for digesting this truth.
What shaupbringing. Vigilance is the rule for proper child upbringing .
Thank you..

We keep on praying for them. God will help us. Amen. Remain blessed dear n regards.

Why Are They Taking Tramadol?

Last week, I spoke to two CEOs of community pharmacies. They have been in practice for over 15years.

I asked,
What’s the demand for tramadol?

They both replied, the demand is very high

One of them told me that, people are now asking for the 200mg and 250mg pack. Tramadol comes in 50mg or 100mg packs.

This means that 1000mg is no longer giving the effect they want. Therefore, they want to consume 2000mg/ 2500mg.

He now said, they take it because it makes them high.

Both of them actually told me that they had to stop selling tramadol, so when people come, they just say they don’t have.

I worked in community pharmacies, it’s all the same, young people looking for and taking tramadol or codeine in large doses to make them high.

You see some of them mixing 10 capsules of tramadol or 100mls of codeine in carbonated soft drinks.

When you ask them, why they take it?

The answer is always the same, to get high

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic used for moderate to severe pain. It is addictive. It should only be taken if prescribed.

Overdose of tramadol includes:
– Trouble breathing
– Slow or irregular heartbeat
– Seizures
– Coma

We are raising awareness about #Tramadolabuse and #Codeineabuse through radio shows, social media @NoToDrugAbuse – twitter, Facebook, church and school programs. Get involved today.

Oluwatosin Fatungase (Pharm)
Teen Behavioral Coach
Inspiring Greatness…


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