Nigeria to host Rugby Africa Silver Cup 2019


Rugby Africa has confirmed Nigeria to host the Africa Silver Cup 2019 Pool A Tournament in Lagos in June which will see Nigeria play host to Madagascar, Botswana and Ghana.

The Tournament will be held from 6th – 17th June, 2019 and is a huge opportunity to greatly increase Rugby’s awareness in the country.

Cote d’Ivoire will also play host Senegal, Mauritius and Rwanda in Pool B from 15 – 23 June, 2019. The winner of Pool A will then meet Pool B winner in a final match to determine the Silver Cup champions.

The Tournament is Rugby Africa’s second tier tournament behind the Gold Cup and the winner will gain promotion to the top tier Rugby Africa Gold Cup where they stand a chance to earn a slot at the World Cup in the year 2023.

Rugby Africa Silver Cup 2019 Pool A Tournament Schedule;

8th of June

The Tournament is Rugby Africa’s second tier tournament behind the Gold Cup

Match 1 Pool A Madagascar vs. Ghana

Match 2 Pool A Botswana vs. Nigeria

12th of June

Match 3 Pool A Madagascar vs. Nigeria

Match 4 Pool A Ghana vs. Botswana

16th of June:

Match 5 Pool A Madagascar vs. Botswana

Match 6 Pool A: Ghana vs. Nigeria 

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