Niger State As A Practical Solution For Herdsmen and Farmers Clash In Nigeria



Lately, a lot have been said about the cattle rearers and herders clash with local community. The Middle Belt or the North Central part of the country has been busy lately. The zone has been made a theatre of war and a lot of blood have been spilled. The major cause has been grazing reserve or what they term “grazing colonies”, we don’t want to talk about ranching again, we know that it might not be possible but they should look inward not far. They should look at Niger State ! A state blessed and huge yet untapped. Niger State is the solution here.

Niger state, for example, is over 15 times bigger than Anambra in size.It is bigger than ten states in Nigeria combined yet it has a population that is much less than that of Anambra.

The state is also endowed with several natural water bodies.The River Niger flows several miles across the state.Annual rainfall in the state is also very high compared to the arid regions further up North. Cheap water sources for irrigation abounds.

Moving from Suleja to Kotangora,you will see several hundreds of potential “cattle colonies”.We can create 200 “cattle colonies” in that state alone.Why should we even involve the state or federal government?

Miyyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association can build this colonies themselves. We saw the Igbos build Dei-Dei building materials market from a location and terrain that is far more rugged.We saw them build the Zuba spare parts market from a location that everyone rejected.Rumour had it that people refused to accept land for free around that part of Zuba near Zuma Rock because they feared the violent evil spirits lurking around there at the time.

Yet,Motor spare parts traders bought the allocation and invited Fr Ede,Eddie Na Nawgu etc to pray over the land for them and drive away the evil spirits.

We don’t need the federal government to build “cattle colonies” for us just like the Igbo didn’t need the FG to build those market stalls.Without the cash cow we call the FG we will unlock our innate creative abilities.This cash cow has prevented us from seeing better,more reliable alternative sources of milk.It has created a dependency culture in our people.We think we cannot build community schools to educate our children.We looked up to the hollow cash cow to build Almajiri schools for us.We are looking up to the exhausted cash cow again to build this cattle colonies.We have neglected our own inner strength and creativity.We have hindered our progress by looking up to this sick cash cow for every drop of milk we put in our mouths.

Our freedom comes from supporting the demand to restructure Nigeria.Push the cash cow aside. Get the federal government to devolve powers to the state.Get rid of this sick cash cow and see the other healthier cows it is blocking from our views.

Join the call to restructure Nigeria. Our future depends on it.

Mbe Nwaniga

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