A whole lot of Christians keep asking how they would get to the next level, they keep asking how can they change their narratives. After looking at their short comings and other things the come to conclusion that they might not scale through but they forget that our God is a God of impossibilities. It is only God who can make a man. Your background becomes inconsequential when He wants to make you. No matter your present predicament, when Jesus shows up, that situation changes. The word of God is strong and powerful. All it takes is your believe in His words.

In the book of Luke 5 verses 4-5. His words turned Apostle Peter a failure fisherman into a celebrity. How? Because Peter obeyed Christ and gave out his boat as at when it was needed. When the God factor is added to your efforts everything you do becomes ‘super’. But, it takes commitment and consistency at whatever we are doing presently to meet Gods standard for a supernatural touch. God met Peter at His place of primary assignment. Even though some nights he got home with nothing. He never gave up.

How committed and consistent are you at what you do?
Question is: Do you even know Him? Until you know Him intimately, He cannot give you generational blessings. Another key factor to be taken into consideration is obedience. Peter was obedient when he released his boat to Jesus. He had no reason to, given the circumstances he was, he had all genuine excuses not to have released the boat, chief amongst them being the fact that he toiled all the night and caught nothing, he had a family waiting for him back home, yet he still released the boat when the request was made. God does not believe in abandoning projects, neither is He a use and dump like man. He rewards us over whenever we obey Him.

‘Nevertheless at His word’ gave Peter enough fishes for him and other fishermen who were standing around him at the time of miracle.

Who do you surround yourself with? Those you surround yourself with determines what you have inside of you and the value you have for you.

In the book of Mark 11-14, God cursed a tree that was due to bear fruit but was fruitless as at when needed. That’s to tell you that every unproductive being is an accursed being. When there’s nothing inside of you, you cannot produce anything. There is no excuse for unfruitfulness. In the book of Acts 3:6, Peter told the blind man, ‘silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have, I give to you:’ brethren, what do you have inside of you? You cannot give what you do not have. Most Christians are overcome with the spirit of fear. Until you confront your fear, nothing works. Anytime you deal with fear, you will live an overcoming life. You were created to be fruitful just like God – Genesis 1:28. Do not allow fear rob you off being fruitful.

Do not align yourself with sympathizers. They are your enemy. Sympathizers do not see results only problems. In the book of John 11- it is the story of Lazarus a friend of Jesus Christ who died while Jesus was away. But, when He got to the tomb, Jesus didn’t cast out demons or bind them, He only spoke the word. He didn’t see Lazarus as dead, rather as sleeping. Anything sleeping can be woken up. How do you see the situation you are in? Do you believe in His word that nothing is impossible with Him? Do you have that relationship with Him that can grant you easy access to Him? Remember, no man has Jesus and dies. You cannot have Him and live in fear. His word is all you need to resurrect that dead thing around you. As you get closer to Him and take His word for what it is: Life! you will have endless blessings released unto you.

All it takes is a fearless life and a believe in His words.

Victoria Victor

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