NETCOM Africa’s “Smart Building Solution” Making Facilities Secure




Today’s buildings are becoming more sophisticated and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled making these building “smart”. As buildings and facilities are getting smarter, challenges such as access control, security breaches and maintaining critical communication infrastructure of these buildings have always been the nightmare of property managers and organizations. Property owners and organizations globally have started thinking “smart “and Nigeria not exempted.  NETCOM Africa, a Lagos based ICT firm with focus in managed services and communication infrastructure is bringing respite to facility managers and organizations with “e-Space”, Netcom’s “Smart Building” as a service. NETCOM Africa’s g“e-Space” service is designed to cater for various organizations’ needs the country including structured cabling, CCTV, lighting, and wifi, and access control.

The NETCOM Africa’s “e-Space” solutions residents of these IoT enabled buildings/facilities can literary go to sleep with their two eyes closed. NETCOM Africa is bringing to bear the global best practices in “Smart Building solutions” to Nigeria.  Taking it a step further, the NETCOM’s structured cabling solutions for facilities is designed as a complete system of cabling which would provide a complete telecommunication infrastructure incorporating internet, data, and telephone access services. NETCOM Africa’s structured cabling installations as a standard  include the  entrance facilities; vertical and horizontal backbone pathways;  telecommunications closets; cross-connect facilities; multi-user telecommunications outlet assemblies (MUTOA); transition points; and a host of other services  making  the facility  truly smart, with 24/7 support service.

Support is one area NETCOM Africa has demonstrated adeptness.  I, in the words of Sean Hsu, CEO of NETCOM Africa “we do proactive monitoring and also deploy SMS alerts; we try to engage proactively with customers in real time. We notify our customers of information that they might not be aware of and this has made us to be transparent and customers are pleased.  So we don’t take customer feedback lightly. For our Managed IT Solutions, every single product we provide, we have a NETCOM flavor in it…We listen to our customers, who have asked us for the past eight years to help them internally, which is why we evolved our business model from just an ISP to Managed IT Solutions”, he concluded.

Known to offer transformational ICT services, NETCOM Africa’s Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)  not only help residents know who and when the security was breached, the company took it further by helping  residents to answer critical questions like What, When, Where and sometimes Why there was a breach.




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