The Need For SMEs To Outsource Their Communication Needs

The Need For SMEs To Outsource Their Communication Needs It doesn't cost much to outsource your PR and social media needs outside It helps you to focus on your core competencies


Majority of the SMEs don’t understand the need to either be visible or don’t have the means to be visible in the media (traditionally or social media). They have the erroneous impressions that having to be constantly visible requires a dedicated manpower to handle this aspect of their business process. This will eat deep into their already lean operating expenditure and this is not the dream of most SMEs, they want to plough back the profits to expand and grow their business . This erroneous impressions has left them grappling in the dark! Big established firms have corporate communications departments and understand the need to always remain in the minds of their customers. They have the funds ! But, there are ways the SMEs can also get the public to know them at a very budget friendly cost. There is no need to have a standing social media department or corporate communications manager for this. Outsourcing is the key,they can engage a media personnel like us to give them advice, develop contents and help them engage their customers on a periodical basis. Outsourcing has been proven to be very effective and reduce cost of most SMEs ,yet very effective!

Over 80% of online consumers prefer to follow businesses and brands on Facebook and Twitter , and as a brand or SME, you will need this kind of visibility. The narrative is changing and the paradigm has shifted.

For your business to get the required leverage and retain that customer loyalty you sought for. The need to be visible in the virtual world is imperative. This is apart from showcasing top notch product ,visibility is key. This is where we come in .

It is all about availability, we totally understand that you will want to focus on your core competencies ,that is good …why don’t you have a chat with us ,so that we give you the best professional advice on how to remain in the eyes of your customers and in the view of your prospects.We know you’re busy.  That’s why we do the work for you to curate and schedule new posts that pertain to your business products or services.  Have something you want to say?  Great!  We encourage you to participate with your social media community whenever possible.  While we maintain your consistent social media strategy, you will still be able to create and schedule your own social media posts.  You will Share the success of a recent business milestone by sharing a photo of an office celebration.  These moves gives your brand the credibility and authenticity that it deserves.

As a firm ,no matter how small or big, your social media profiles are a window into your company personality, providing a voice to help build your brand as a trustworthy source. Today, being found online goes beyond just a company website. Reach multiple generations through your social media channels.



Anthony Nwosu.E.





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