The Need For Better Patient Management In Nigerian Hospitals



While I was studing at the University of Lagos, I lost my classmate 7 days after she was delivered of a baby boy via a Caesarean section. She was fine and discharged from the hospital but died after 7 days from a slight headace.

I suspected the hospital, I even told her husband to have an autopsy done and sue the hospital for negligence . I suspected somethings were not probably done. But the hubby was not ready to go through all the trauma.

Yesterday, I lost another friend 27 days after she was delivered of her twins babies via a C – section.

In Nigeria, we have a way of putting everything back to God. Like, ‘God knows why’ . ‘ His or her time had come. I do not belong to that school of thought. Yes we will all die someday but some death as so needless.

So i was discussing with a friend about the possible cause of her death. And my friend mentioned to me that a nurse who is his family friend confided in him that there has been instances where doctors forgot needles or even tools  inside patient body after a surgery.

What a careless joke or mistake

We need to start advocating for patients safety in Nigeria it is getting deplorable. We also have to start holding the medical pratitioners liable for their offence of negligence. It’s s not by force to be a doctor or nurse, you have the obligation to save lives so why treat a life that you cannot create shabbly. Patient’s Safety in Nigeria needs improvement and the time to start is now before we loss another person.

Incase you don’t know, patient safety issues includes misdiagnosis, medication errors, workforce safety, health care-associated infections, and surgery-related complications. Or the case of forgetting neddles or siccors inside a patient body after a surgery to mention a few.

Many patients have gone to the hospital to seek solutions to their health problems only to come out worse because of so many unwarranted causes that could be avoided.

Even The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for improved efforts towards better patient management in Nigeria.

To end these needless and preventable deaths from medical errors, I want to call on leaders in healthcare sector to
train and re-train healthcare providers, regulate and coordinate patient safety interventions and effort. Also make any medical practitioner face the music if found wanting.

Individuals have a role to play. You must be informed about your condition. You can read on the internet. When given a medication don’t just take them also read the leaflet incase you were given a wrong medication.

Don’t be afraid to challenge any doctor or call them out if you feel something is wrong.

Medical practitioners will sit up especially those ones at government hospitals when we let them know that we are tired of their negligence and lack of commitment to the job.

Princess Wanawana

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