Nedaa introduces “Smart Technologies” at GITEX




Professional Communication Corporation – Nedaa, Dubai Government security networks provide, is all set to introduce its latest range of solutions enabled through Nedaa’s Private Mission- Critical Network at this year’s edition of GITEX exhibition.


Nedaa will be hosting its major partners at its pavilion in Sheikh Saeed Hall 3; Airbus, Nokia and Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions to demonstrate their latest 4G technological innovations and secure platforms including the smart ambulance connected through 4G network using Virtual Reality (VR) technology and Artificial Intelligence drones. The company will also be showcasing TESLA car connected to the control rooms’ systems through Nedaa’s 4G network.


The corporation will highlight its interactive smart ambulance demo at the event with a focus on potential customer engagement. Multiple screens will be put up along with AR and VR devices. The ambulance will be equipped with tools like the stethoscope that customers will be able to use. The KPIs can be activated by the customer the see live-feeds of data (patient data and data package traffic). The demo will also present how the doctors can view the patient’s data live and provide an initial diagnosis. The doctor and the assistant in the ambulance will be connected via VoIP technology and would be able to communicate and simulate supported treatment of the patient by an expert while the transportation to the hospital is in progress. By enabling physicians to view images of patients in ambulances remotely and providing advice in real time in a way that no will be able to see the patients other than physicians, the company aims towards accelerating the diagnostic process and potentially reducing the number of ambulance journeys needed. By speeding up diagnoses, patients will benefit from prompt outcomes and hospitals’ efficiency figures are projected to rise.


“The rapid growth in 4G network deployments and connections has made the move to 4G one of the fastest network technology migrations ever seen. At Nedaa, we are committed to providing integrated end-to-end innovations, delivering excellent products and services to our customers in UAE. We are excited to collaborate with known names in the industry, working closely with them to expand the strategic partnership between our companies and to unleash the latest in 4G technology.” Said H.E. Mansoor Bu Osaiba, Chief Executive Officer, Nedaa.

“Offering customers superior technologies and services in our mobile operations across the region is core to our mission. Nedaa’s initiative for the 4G smart ambulance serves to demonstrate how new mobile networks are transforming important areas such as healthcare. Introduction of these new technologies is testament to the company’s continued commitment towards strengthening the secure communications sector in Dubai.” Added H.E. Mansoor Bu Osaiba.



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