In 1979, nine years after the civil war an Igbo son, late Dr. Alex Ekwueme emerged as vice-president of Nigeria and seeing that he was to go on to become president after his principal Alhaji Shehu Shagari to the shock of the stakeholders of the Nigerian polity, Muhammadu Buhari in 1983 struck and disrupted the second republic with a coup. Buhari’s bigotry shone through as he had Dr. Ekwueme detained in kirikiri, while Alhaji Shagari cozied in a house arrest. Dr. Ekwueme before he died had always maintained that the reason Buhari struck was to prevent him from becoming president. And Buhari has always shown his disdain for Ndigbo as he continues to seize every opportunity to remind Igbos about the war and how he fought gallantly in it.

Fast forward 2018, another Igbo son Mr Peter Obi emerged as the PDP vice-president flag bearer to wrestle power from the grossly-incompetent and clannish Buhari and Igbos want to cost themselves this golden opportunity with the misguided “No Biafra, no election” phrase. Election boycott has never prevented electoral process anywhere in the world as it has always worked to the disadvantage of the people who refused to vote, just like Uwazurike’s “No census in Igbo land” order we compiled to worked against us as we can’t demand for more states and local governments without oppositions to the demand that we are the least populous people. In Anambra state because of this same poorly thought order, APC placed second before PDP instead of coming way behind and now, boycotting the presidential election is an express endorsement of President Buhari’s second term, and the oppression continues.

After losing over 2 million Biafrans to hunger and starvation during the war, Igbos should be strategic in their actions. Nigeria is a sovereign nation and any plan to balkanize her will not go down without grave loss. Ethiopia and Sudan that broke after so much blood shed are still fighting and hostile to each other. U.N. has not intervened in Cameroon where the condition of the southerners are far worse than Ndigbo in Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu resurfaced now, to what end? What about the people that died ‘protecting’ him? Senator Abaribe that bailed him is in trouble. For me, Nnamdi Kanu should have continued running as he fled, and anybody that dies/died because of him is on their own.

Igbos should support the Atiku/Obi ticket because it will bring us to the government at the center. With Atiku’s restructuring manifesto and Obi as vice-president, we have a better deal and he could go on to become Igbo first executive president. Pls note that if the proposed boycott cost PDP and Atiku this election, we have sounded it loud to the rest of Nigeria that we are politically irrelevant and that they can continue to rule over us, while we continue to make only noise because election boycott for 100 years will not give us Biafra.



Onyinye Muoneke

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