NCC Takes Visiting Students Through a Learning Curve



As it is the practice during educational visits to the Commission by students at different levels of formal learning, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), this morning took students from three schools through a mild process of learning about telecommunications and compartments of telecom regulation.

The students came from Centagon International School, Maitama, Abuja; Excellent Grade International Schools, Kubwa, Abuja; and Intellichild TLC, Gwarimpa, Abuja, and were warmly received by Isa Idris, a Principal Manager in the Department of Corporate Planning, Strategy and Risk Management on behalf of Miss Josephine Amuwa, the Director of the Department. This is in keeping with the Commission’s policy of hosting students and institutions who come on educational visits, excursions and benchmarking of NCC operations.

During such visits, the visiting students or institutions are treated to a series of presentations from different departments of the Commission, they are also encouraged to seek clarifications and ask questions. Accordingly, Idris made a presentation to the students on the activities and achievements of the Commission and invited his colleagues from some of the Departments in the Commission to make additional presentations, before he led the students to visit the Communications Museum located in the Commission.

The objective of educational visits is to increase awareness of the visiting students about the activities of NCC, and to broaden students’ horizons through interaction with members of staff of the Commission to enable the students to understand more about the telecommunications industry.





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