NCC: KPMG Presents A Report At The Recently Held Cost Based Pricing Forum



Pursuant and consistent with its mandate of regulating the telecommunications industry, the Strategic Management Plan (SMP 2014-2018) and the 8-Point Agenda, the Commission has organized a forum on Cost Based Pricing for retail broadband and data services for the determination of affordable broadband prices based on costing.

The event held at the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI) Cappa, Oshodi, Lagos is in part one of the Commission’s ways of engaging with industry players and stakeholders for participatory regulation to come up with a cost based price regime that will lead to a win-win industry, economic development and growth of the nation.

The Consultant KPMG group that conducted the study presented very insightful findings setting up the ground for open interactive deliberations yielding valuable inputs from the participants.

The event is expected to continue till 18th January, 2018 at the NCC Lagos Zonal Office with the Operators, the KPMG team, the NCC team and some relevant stakeholders to provide the best options and approaches to cost based pricing for retail broadband and data services in Nigeria.

The forum is in line with the Commission’s 8-point agenda to promote Accessibility, Availability and Affordability for pervasive broadband penetration for the attainment of the 30% broadband penetration by 2018 as envisaged in the National Broadband plan.

The EVC noted that the impact of broadband as a key enabler of national productivity, economic growth and development, social inclusion and cultural enrichment cannot be overestimated and, called upon all stakeholders to be part of this historic and heroic undertaking.

The Committee is expected to present its outcome for implementation by April 2018.


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