NCC Hosts Nigerian Library Association Executive Committee Meeting



The extended executive committee meeting of the Nigerian Library Association (NLA) held at the headquarters of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on 12th April 2018.

Cletus Jaja, The chairman of the NLA in his opening remarks requested that the NCC should partner with the NLA to establish six model NCC Virtual School Libraries in each local government area council in the FCT to interface Education with ICT.

Mr Jaja noted that the NLA is concerned about information accessibility and its dissemination, while NCC’s major concern is on digital communication, which involves information sharing, receipt and feedback.

“We will like to put on record the tremendous work the organization is doing towards regulating the players in the industry and ensuring that consumers get benefit for their money while preventing undue exploitation of consumers.”

“I want to believe that this is going to be the beginning of a partnership that will yield profound dividends not just for both organizations, but for the nations’ educational landscape”, Jaja said.

The NLA executive committee, comprised of librarians from various organizations, including the NCC, donated a set of their past and present journal publications to the commission’s library.

Aliyu Ibrahim, Deputy Director, Policy Competition & Economic Analysis Department, while delivering the welcome address stated that the establishment of NCC’s library in 2003 prompted the Commission’s relationship with the NLA. He hoped that the meeting would result in a critical outlook for innovations towards digitization of libraries in Nigeria.

Accordingly, Aliyu Ibrahim stated that NCC donates ICT/Telecom books to six tertiary institutions across the geo-political zones every year to build capacity in the industry and bridge the digital divide.

Aliyu further stated that: “The Commission through the Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) has upgraded 74 public libraries to E-libraries or Information Resource Centers, and has also provided capacity building to librarians through sponsorship of a training programme in collaboration with the Librarian Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN)”.

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