NCC Hosts Fourth Quarter (Q4) ICAF in Lagos



The Nigerian Communications Commission hosted the 4th quarter of Industry Consumer Advisory Forum (ICAF) at Ibis Hotel, No. 23 Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos on November 27, 2018, with a thematic focus on: “Progressing from Customer Service to Customer Experience- The Consumers’ Point of View.”

ICAF was initiated by the NCC in February 2009, for the protection and promotion of the interest of Consumers including persons with Special Needs and the Elderly (Challenged Group) pursuant to the 2003 Act of Parliament establishing the NCC and the Commission’s centric posture and in order to ensure non- discriminatory service delivery as well as acceptable Quality of Experience (QoE) by consumers of ICT products and services.

The Objective of ICAF as an Advisory Group is to make recommendations to NCC regarding the interests and concerns of Consumers of ICT products and services; to advice on protection from unfair practices as well as submit memoranda on and facilitate the review of the Consumer Code of Practice Regulations.

Professor Felicia Monye, Chairman ICAF in an opening address reiterated functions, composition and above all objectives for which ICAF was established and, the milestone successes achieved since it was borne in 2009. She noted ICAF made remarkable progress from challenging operators to provide good Quality of Service to having consumers talk about their services experience and providing feedback to the Commission.

Director Consumers Affairs Bureau, Felicia Onwuegbuchulam in her welcome address delivered by Philip Eretan, Head Consumer Policy Development and Monitoring Unit, Consumer Affairs Bureau Department stated that we are here for a deliberation with Operators, regulator (NCC) and Consumers on the Quality of Service experienced by Consumers, discuss issues and proffer solutions to address challenges for which purpose ICAF was established.

While delivering the keynote address, Executive Commissioner Stakeholder Management, NCC speaking through Felicia Onwuegbuchulam (DCAB) noted that NCC is not only concerned about the provision and access to good QoS by Consumers but the Commission is committed and determined to ensure that consumers have the right Quality of Consumer Experience/ satisfaction (QoE), which is the hallmark in service provision.
During the course of the event the following papers were presented:
The Evolution of Consumer Service- Our Journey so far by Gbolaban Awonuga, ALTON.
Enhancing Consumer Satisfaction and Growth through Service Delivery by Mary Uduma, Managing Director Jano Digital Solution Limited, Abuja.

This event also marked and celebrated the end of Professor Felicia Monye’s tenure as ICAF Chairman and the handing over to her successor Igbo Najemite of Nigerian Computer Society, whom has been an active member of ICAF.

The event ended with a fruitful question and answer session, where participants representing different sectors of the society asked questions, raised challenges, suggested recommendations and provided feedback and proffered solutions for improvement of the industry and services provided by operators.

A communique of resolutions was read and adopted for improvement of Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Consumer Experience (QoE).




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