The Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, who was represented by Josephine Amuwa, Director Policy Competition & Economic Analysis, NCC said in her opening speech that the Commission in the exercise of its regulatory functions as provided for in Nigerian Communication Act (NCA), 2003, engaged a consultant KPMG Professional Services to conduct a Study on the Assessment of the Level of Competition in the Nigerian Telecommunications Industry in 2013. The outcome of that assessment resulted in the definition of relevant market segments and a determination of dominance in some of those market segments.

Josephine Amuwa said that following the successes realized, it became necessary to conduct another assessment of the competition in the market. The objective of this study is to provide current insight into the level of competition in the telecommunications market and articulate strategies/ recommendations to enhance opportunities in the market and to ensure that competition is deepened for innovative services.

. The study is to enable the Commission to:
1. Evaluate the current level of competition within the various market segments of the Nigerian telecommunications industry;
2. Identify the factors determining the degree of competition in telecommunications industry in Nigeria, with a focus on the degree of rivalry in the sector;
3. Evaluate the Commission’s interventions towards deepening Competition and identify areas that require improvements and benchmark these practices against international standards and good practices;
4. Identify indicators for evaluating the level of competition in the various Telecommunications market segments identified;
5. Identify any existing/plausible agreements, arrangements and practices amongst different licensees which constitute anti-competitive conduct, anti-competitive patterns and propose effective measure to address them; and
6. Determine dominance if any and propose obligations to be imposed on dominant operators in any market Segment where such is determined to exist.

Josphine Amuwa concluded by saying, the key focus of the forum is centered on gaining an understanding of the methodologies and the instruments (questionnaires) being adopted by the consultant to assess the level of competition, to also entertain questions and comments and comments on the presentation delivered by the consultants at the forum and lastly to secure operators commitment on the objective, complete and timely feedback to the questionnaires.

The Event ended with observations, contributions and recommendations by relevant stakeholders to serve as feedback for the improvement of competitiveness in the industry.


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