NCC Holds its 98th Edition of Consumer Outreach Programme at Yenegoa in Bayelsa State



As part of the Nigerian Communication Commission’s efforts to empower telecom consumers with adequate information and education through constant engagement of consumers, the 98th Edition of Consumer Outreach Programme was organized at the Emmanuel Place, off Osiri Road, after Old CBN, Okaka/Ekeki, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State.

The NCC’s Deputy Director Consumer Affairs Bureau, Ismail Adedigba in his welcome address declared that the Commission believes the Consumer is ‘King’ and as such, must be accorded basic rights. These include the right to be heard, right to be educated, right to choose, right to redress as well as right to safety.

Ismail Adedigba said “the programme is to enable Regulators, Operators and Consumers meet to resolve pressing issues the consumers face with respect to provision of telecom services”.

The Commission has been handling various complaints such as, unsolicited text messages/calls, failure/refusal to roll over unused data at the expiration of data bundle by service providers, automatic renewal of data services upon expiration and activation/subscription to data and value added services (VAS) without prior consent of the subscribers.

Ismail Adedigba further noted that to empower the Consumer, NCC has provided Consumer ways to help address some of the challenges Consumers are facing. The Do-not Disturb 2442 Code to stop unsolicited SMS or send help to 2442 to choose your preferred SMS. Participants were also informed of the NCC Toll Free Line (622) provided by the NCC to enable Consumers escalate unresolved issues they may have reported to their service operators which may not have been resolved to their satisfaction, Issues on Call Masking, QoS, towers & masts, electromagnetic radiation, type approval and use of type approved mobile devices were also topics discussed at the meeting.

Ismail Adedigba concluded the programme by thanking participants for attending and advised everyone to participate actively and ask relevant questions that will help to make informed choices as they go ahead with the use of ICT services in the Country.

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