NCC Educates Students on the Role of ICT in Healthcare



“The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has been at the forefront of propagating the deployment of ICT through the School knowledge centers, Community Resource Centres, Access service supports and other initiatives to entrench the deployment of ICT and the wellbeing of Nigerians”, this was stated by the NCC Kano Zonal Controller, Shuaibu Swade during an interactive session with the students and management of the School of Midwifery, Gworzo Local Government, Kano State.

During the interactive session the students were informed that access to the internet has provided a diverse range of virtual capacity building platforms like e-library, scientific journals, online courses (virtual classrooms) and even the ability to access or be part of a live (real time) surgery operations and practical’s without having to be physically present in another part of the world.

Swade further gave instances of some treatments enabled by ICT, such as Laparascopic surgeries, Laser treatments, etc and artificially intelligent robotic-guided procedures have all been enabled by the advancement in ICT.

He called upon the students of the school of midwifery who are the most important component of community health to be digitally literate for the realization of an envisioned future of healthcare delivery system. This will minimize preventable communicable diseases, propagate safe living and prevent terminal illnesses especially in our rural communities.



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