NBS Report: Why South East States Ought To Be Churning Out Good Internally Generated Revenue



I have my own mini lashing for each and every Igbo state in the South East because. There are no concrete economic plans in place as of yet, although Anambra has demonstrated a streak of good governance and continuity but by now I was expecting an Industrial revolution 4.0 effect in the state, after all the state is fully loaded with the human potential to do that, however some of its finest human resources are in the diaspora.

On Governance and government policies, the state can do better – for one, there ought to be numerous ways the government can assist in expanding the already present automobile industry in the state which will create even more jobs besides just purchasing vehicles for its functions which I applaud it for – after all Gov. Ambode wants to build an Assembly plant in Lagos by himself. Then there is taxation and economic check and balances for IGR and to ensure the poor can live comfortably too in the state.

Coming to Enugu, I have not seen any economic strategy, scheme or plan by the state government towards the direction of weaning the state from the breasts of crude oil revenue allocation. Although, I give it to the government for providing infrastructure but the state is turning to a state for only the rich and politicians.

Imo; there’s is no excuse why Imo shouldn’t be among one of the well doing if not richest states. There are many rich people from there who repartriate their wealth home, a strong private sector presence, and many avenues to generate wealth from besides crude oil (which it has already anyway) revenue allocation.

Abia’s biggest problems from my own observation is god fatherism and clannishness, and that reflects in its leadership which makes rash and unprofitable decisions as have been demonstrated in times past.

Ebonyi, has leaders who until recently lack priorities and are selfish.

Chizaram Igolo

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