I will take particular exception to any insult of my person, or the person of Pastor Bakare (hereinafter called Pastor B), President Muhammadu Buhari (hereinafter called PMB) or any other person mentioned in this piece or any person who decides to speak to the issues I have raised.

On the address of Pastor B, I must say that I expected more Vim. A lot of people, especially people from the Global Apostolic Impact Network, followed this administration because of his endorsement. A lot of people are not happy with the events of the last two+ years.

Pastor B said little… very little in this year’s address. The subjects of restructuring the nation or renegotiating our union, are not as important as the foundational errors of administration which Pastor B pointed out under Obj and GEJ, which I dare say, he didn’t do with the same vehemence as he pointed the errors under PMB.

I expected much more, one of which, is for people like him and the likes of Sam Adeyemi to say boldly, that they played a role in the establishment of this administration and have not seen the change they expected.

Pastor B and others like Sam Adeyemi, Fr. Mbaka, etc, should be bold enough to say unequivocally that what they have seen so far in Nigeria is not what they expected, when they spoke even from the pulpit to endorse PMB and this administration. AND I WISH THAT NO OTHER PASTOR, IMAM or CLERGY WILL STAND ON THE PULPIT TO ENDORSE OR CAMPAIGN FOR ANY POLITICIAN OR POLITICAL PARTY AGAIN. Let everyone walk his own path.

For scholars of Nigerian history, you will recall that the Oba of Benin was once sued to court by Lucky Igbinedion on the claim that the Oba in his exalted capacity, endorsed John Oyegun openly, which led to Oyegun’s win in the Edo State Governorship elections. That is how strong an endorsement can be and that is the kind of dust it can raise.

Pastor B cannot forget the role he played in brewing the current situation and make recommendations innocently, as though he was a spectator in the emergence of this system. He MUST ADMIT THAT he ERRED IN VISION AND THEREFORE STUMBLED IN JUDGEMENT.

I expected that Pastor B at some point in his presentation, would apologize to Nigerians as he spoke of the 3 cardinal pillars of this administration’s objective (namely, security; diversification of the economy in order to reduce unemployment; and anti-corruption) as he established that these objectives have not been nearly achieved in its 31 months in government.

He didn’t talk about education and the sad experience of students paying between 360 and 450 Naira to a dollar for their fees, while Hajj and Jerusalem pilgrims were allowed to pay 198 Naira to a dollar for their trips. DOES EDUCATION EVEN MATTER THESE DAYS IN NIGERIA?

After expressing his disappointment in PMB’s new year message to Nigerians, especially where PMB said that NIGERIANS ARE IN A HURRY TO SEE CHANGE, Pastor B could have at least said, “Fellow Nigerians, I know we expected much more and this is why I endorsed Buhari and this administration. Sadly, we haven’t seen the change yet. Let us hope that we will.”

We… I, personally, refuse that the Ostrich can bury its head in the sand any longer. Let those that promised that things will be better for Nigerians under this administration, come out and at least admit that so far things are not the way they had hoped it would be. THEY, including Pastor B, MUST DO THAT BEFORE THEY GIVE US ANY FURTHER HOPE OF CHANGE. #Stillgrowing

Ogochukwu Nweke

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