One of the key attribute of any organisation is leadership , churches aren’t exempted. In Christianity, the leadership style vary from that of secular leadership style. Unlike the world leadership style such as democracy, military rule and all what not …the leadership styles can be changed, but in Christian space , the leadership style is sacrosanct and clear. The Bible has made it clear and with a laid down rules that must be followed.

In the book of Exodus, Moses demonstrated leadership. Here Moses was leading the people of God from the land of Egypt, where they have been into slavery for centuries. Moses demonstrated a top notch leadership with the critical help of God , he followed the directions and directives of God.

Though, leadership is peculiar, people would always pinpoint your (leader) error. In the Bible, the story of Moses was a clear example. Moses was undermined by when the people of God wanted to worship God and they mistook it for idol and mandated Aaron to mold a golden statue for them which they worship. This is one of the critical aspects of leadership!

When Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses when he married an Ethiopian woman. Moses in this act demonstrated that he is not a racist and that he works in accordance to God. They questioned the authority of Moses and when they opined and asked ” does God only speak through Moses” this question has put a big mark on Moses’ leadership style.

Leadership is by exemplary. For me to be a good leader, one must study his master and understudy his master. The need to study mentors and have role model is very important. You just don’t wake up and say you must lead. There are bound to be conflicts when followers don’t decode the leadership style of a man. This was what happened when Aaron and Miriam was bickering.

With various kinds of followership today, one must understand it. The need to drive a vision as a leader is imperative. There is always a need for the followers to key into the vision of the leader, failure to do this gives room for anarchy and cohesion.

In the Christian ecosystem, God is the leader and that is the most important thing. God is still in the business of speaking to people via his anointed ones.

A leader must be able to key into the promises of God and believe in God, even if the message isn’t clear. I could remember when we left the temporary site at Ajayi Farm , Ikeja to here, it was like a magic,

A leader must always be open to criticism and also know that people might see things differently this would position him to be ready for insults that might come from members .

Another thing we must know is that being a leader isn’t a walk in a park project. The need to have that forgiving spirit is so important for a leader, if you don’t have these key attributes you are bound to fail as a leader.

A leader must be able to put structure down that would outlive them. The need to understand how the posterity would judge any leader becomes imminent. With eyes on the future, a good leader must be futuristic and also put structures down that would assist the future leaders.

In the book of Numbers in the Bible, Aaron and Miriam started showing displeasure on the leadership style of Moses and they questioned him and said they also hear from God. When God spoke to the trio of Moses , Aaron and Miriam and clarified things and said “here now my words, if there be a prophet amongst you, I would make myself known. ” God used the opportunity to reposition Moses and made it clear to all and sundry that Moses is the chosen one! This clarification has put to rest the bickering in the camp of Israel.

There are pretenders that might come and followers , the leader must know these people and also identify them. These pretenders can put a clog in any wheel of progress of any organisation.

The leader must bear in mind that there must be contenders. These are the people that contend with the leader. They are like opponents, always pin pointing errors, trying to undermine the leader and trying to change the public perception of the leader. These set of people are just in the church to sway opinions and not to worship God.

In the family front, the woman would be of a help to the man to achieve his leadership attributes.

Yes , the leader might not be perfect and as a human , he is bound to make mistakes that doesn’t mean that he can’t be approached. It is more honorable to meet the leader and tell him where things are going wrong than to start bearing takes and gossiping.

Leaders do not need to shout, but they need to be firm. The need to delegate becomes important.

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A leader must be able to put structure down that would outlive them. The need to understand how the posterity would judge any leader becomes imminent. With eyes on the future, a good leader must be futuristic and also put structures down that would assist the future leaders.






Many Christians don’t know what it means to stay out of God’s presence. The perilous state the a state that the christian puts himself when he is outside the presence of God is better imagined than explained. The need to always be on the side and presence of God is always crucial for every Christian.

Everyone has reason of going to church a lot of Christians would be in church either because of the pastor, the wife or maybe business appointment but the major thing is go be in church to worship God. This is the primary reason and every other thing is secondary. One must be guided on this .

The devil has a way and one of his core competencies are to touch your prayer life. It is totally bizarre and absurd that majority of Christian wouldn’t or can’t pray for just 10 minutes a day! That is the position of many Christians due to the worldly and material things. That is the situation on ground.

When Christians come to church they should be weary and careful of what is displayed and demonstrated in the church. Some are not true Men Of God. The church is a laundry home…a place where dirty things such as sins and all misdemeanor are brought to be cleansed through the blood of Christ!

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