As a Christian there are things that we must understand and one thing that makes our life (un)bearable is glory. We all have different glories and destinies we must get this thing clear and straight. Yes we might all worship in the same church, have the same outlook but one thing is that our glories differ. We have various types of glories and they are heavenly glory (celestial) and earthly glory (terrestrial).

The ability to prosper and be favoured is hinged on the glory we manifest . When Satan took Jesus to the mount and showed him the glory of the earth and told him to look around and this is my glory and I would give you anything when you now to me. That thing that Satan showed Jesus was the glory of the world and Jesus said “get yee behind me ” , this is what many Christians have refused to identify. They mistake earthly glories for heavenly glory and they miss the whole essence which is to make heaven.

“If God’s glory is with anyone , things would be amazingly easy and seamless. Christian must look for the heavenly glory. Peter demonstrated this glory when he was in the prison and the gates where opened. That is the glory of God manifestation. God presence is imperative, when heaven opens door for you, every man must concur”, Fred Obetoh.

We also have various glories ranging from the sun, moon and star but the best glory is that of God. True riches are from the glory of God but that doesn’t mean that we should fold our hands as expect riches to come . The need to follow God’s law is imperative, doing this would bring the glory to our manifestation.

In life the glory of God also manifest when you take a step. God’s glory manifest when. We take a bold move not sitting down in one place hoping and praying. The glory of God works in tandem with our ability to make a move and leave our comfort zone. David left his comfort zone, Joseph was forced to leave the confirm zone even Jesus Christ left the comfort of his parents house for the ministry so the for us to experience the glory of God , we must move ! We have to move and ewe shall move.

Our mentality would always manifest in the type of glory that we have or to have ! We must look at the life positively! God doesn’t waste his glory on negative minded ones. We must change our ideology for the glory of God to manifest.

“I wish you above all things that thou may prosper and be in good health “, Bible is just clear on this. It is non negotiable but we must key into this injunction. So it is left for the Christ believing one to key in and do the needful.

Isaiah 60 versus 1 “arise shine for the light has come ” Christians must know that they must arise and shine in any given situation and occasion! Nobody has the capacity to stop your shining once you are in tandem with God.

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2 Corinthians 3 versus 18

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