Muyiwa Sobo Decries Government Mode Public Prosecution


In a morning television show, Sunrise by Channels TV, Muyiwaa legal practitioner berated the government on some flouting of court orders. He said that the government has the right and the onus is on the government to publish the names of corrupt officials and amount recovered. This is in respect to the looters .


Muyiwa said that the government has to tell the nation the reason why it hasn’t published there names. The federal government has the right to pursue corruption and there must be systematic way of doing it and not going to the pages of newspapers to announce their names.


“The dilemma that the government is facing was set up by government themselves ” he said. The government has tagged people looters without convincing them ,yet they call them looters and that is what the government has put themselves in he said.


In UAE treaty, he said that , if there are facts to support that people are corrupt and run to UAE, then the UAE will collaborate with Nigeria. He said it is good but must be supported with facts.

“Bring back Diezieani” group by Charley Boy, he said that every citizens has right to protest and that is what Charley is doing. He said that if the government is sure that the former minister of petroleum is corrupt ,then bring her back and try her.

That’s the danger of public prosecution. This is what government has done without conviction, it is not punishment but restitution and if the government do not do that, then it means that corruption would not go away in Nigeria . If the government is serious about it, the wheel of justice would set in and be in motion, he added.

On the issue of hate speech and monitoring of social media. He made it clear that it’s anti democracy and the government doesn’t have right to monitor what people say unless it will bring a certain people under harms way or jeopardise the security integrity of the country. Watching stuff people do on the internet is violation of people’s freedom of expression and privacy he added.

“If there is an intelligence that said that if people are found inciting others using hate speech, there should be court order before am individual should be monitored ” Muyiwa opined .

For people to ask for Restructuring all over the country is a pointer that something isn’t right or the government is not doing something right. The need to address these issues are important , he concluded.





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