Multiple Suicide Bomb Attacks on Sallah Day in Borno



25th June, 2017 at about 2221hrs. A male suicide bomber, gained entry into the premises of University of Maiduguri, and detonated PBIED on his body near the Rapid Response Services Office building.

The suicide bomber died while three (3) University security personnel on duty were injured. One of the injured security personnel, a female (whose identity was given as Becky Edubi), later died while being attended to at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.

In another development at about 2230hrs same night. Four (4) female suicide bombers infiltrated Zannari community in Gwange general area of Jere LGA. Two (2) of the suicide bombers detonated PBIEDs on their bodies in two residential buildings. The bombers died killing eight (8) other persons while eleven (11) others were injured.

The third bomber detonated killing himself alone. The fourth female suicide bomber, identity not known, who was arrested also died the same night as a result of injuries she sustained.

Yet in another development, today at about 0408hrs. Two (2) female suicide bombers detonated PBIEDs on their bodies within the premises of University of Maiduguri.
One detonated close to the Entrepreneurship and Skill Acquisition Centre Complex killing herself with no other casualty.

The other suicide bomber detonated behind Works Department complex also killing herself with no other casualty.

EOD/SARS and patrol teams were mobilised to the scenes. The dead and injured were evacuated to University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.

The EOD sanitised and rendered the various scenes and their neighbourhoods safe. Normalcy restored.

In all, sixteen (16) persons including the suicide bombers died in the multiple explosions while thirteen (13) persons were injured.

Damian Chukwu
Borno Commissioner of Police

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