MTN XtraTime advance: How to borrow Airtime from MTN South Africa

MTN XtraTime advance: How to borrow Airtime from MTN South Africa

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Do you live in South Africa and you are an MTN subscriber and you want to learn how to borrow airtime now, pay later. The Biggest telecom company in South Africa has unveiled XtraTime advance which allows customers to borrow airtime and pay back when you recharge again or when your new monthly billing cycle starts.

Whenever you run out of MTN airtime and you can’t recharge, apply for an XtraTime advance and get airtime or a bundle instantly loaded.

This service is available only to MTN Pay as You Go and Top Up customers. Regardless of your status as a customer, you will have to meet certain requirements.

XtraTime is a personalised airtime advance offer based on your usage habits and will depend on.

How do I qualify MTN South Africa XtraTime

To qualify for MTN South Africa XtraTime you need to meet the following requirements.

1.How long you’ve been a customer.
2.How often you recharge
3.Your XtraTime advance repayment history
4.How much airtime you already have available
5.Your plan type

You can Use the MTN App now to see how much XtraTime you qualify for.


What XtraTime costs.

Any Subscribers that borrow airtime from MTN South Africa  should be ready to pay a service fee of R1,10 as charges for each XtraTime advance. This fee is added to the advance that will be repaid.

You can use the full XtraTime amount or a portion of it – you’ll only repay what you use plus the service fee.


How to borrow MTN South Africa Airtime {XtraTime advance}

You can borrow Airtime from MTN in two different methods


Just Dial *136*2#.
Then Select XtraTime
and Follow the prompts message to borrow Airtime

2, MTN App

Log in to the MTN App
Tap Recharge from the bottom bar
Choose Borrow with XtraTime
Pick the bundle you are looking for

How to convert MTN Airtime to Data

To convert MTN XtraTime airtime into data, dial *136*6#. and follow the prompts.


How to pay back your extra time.

MTN will deduct the money you borrow from your account the next time you recharge your SIM card. As an example, if you borrow R10, you will need to repay R11. Service fees are included.
The full XtraTime advance plus the service fee must be repaid before another advance is available.

If the full advance can’t be paid off at once, it will be deducted from each subsequent recharge.

Prepaid customers 
When you recharge again, the XtraTime advance and the service fee is automatically deducted.


what can you do with borrowed MTN Airtime

The following are some of the services for which this airtime can also be used;

1.You can make calls both local and international
2.Borrowed MTN airtime can be used for sending SMSs.
3.You can buy premium services.
4.This airtime can be transferred to other MTN customers.
5.You can convert the borrowed MTN Airtime to data for browsing the internet.

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