Mr Peter Obi, His Interview on Channels and His Position on Economy & Politics


Mr Peter Obi is currently trending on Nigerian media space after he appeared on Channels Television Breakfast Show.

He debated with a professor of economics in University of Abuja and laid out solid points which earned him admiration and praises all over Nigerian media space.

Here are 10 quotes from his debate on Channels:

1. “If a man has not created wealth. He cannot manage wealth.”

2. “Unemployment is worsening. Our unemployment ratio moved from 14.8% in 2017 to 18.8% this year. This means that more people have lost their jobs. We can’t survive like this.“

3. “You are borrowing money and the issue it was supposed to affect is not coming down. Poverty is increasing. Children out of school increased from 10 million to 12 million.”

4. “I remember Ngozi Okonjo Iweala crying everyday, begging us to save this monies for the rainy day. All the governors disagreed. They said let us share it. Now we are borrowing to feed.”

5. “All I know is that governance has nothing to do with age. Today the youngest governor in Nigeria is an unmitigated disaster.”

6. “In a state in the North the number of children who sat for WAEC is 128. This state has about 5 million people. This is not acceptable.“

7. “I don’t have any single property in this country outside Onitsha. If you see any property outside Onitsha and they say it belongs to Mr. Peter Obi, burn it!“

8. “When you are borrowing for consumption, it gets to a stage when you cannot control it.”

9. “Nigerians cannot aim for skyscrapers when we cannot maintain simple toilets.“

10. “I cannot pay N250,000 for one night in a hotel. I wouldn’t sleep that night. I will feel like I have been robbed.“

Dozie Obuaku


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