Quarter of A Million Projected Downloads of Radio Biafra Mobile App


The level of internet penetration and high usage of smartphone in Nigeria, the citizens are embracing technology and have demonstrated this with their preference for online radio, one of such is radio Biafra which thousands to a quarter of a  million are projected to download this app in readiness for the message ,  this is a clear departure from the conventional broadcasting method.

Never in the history of Nigeria or any sub Saharan African nation ever experienced such massive download of a mobile app! It’s phenomenonal , it’s amazing and it has shown that digital age has come to stay in Nigeria! With millions of  downloads for Radio Biafra mobile apps since Nnamdi Kanu , the Biafra freedom fighter has been spotted praying at the temple in Jerusalem.

It is projected that about hundred of thousands to  a Million would download the Radio Biafran app within  the next 24 hours,  this is in readiness of the address by Nnamdi Kanu to address his teaming followers , mainly Igbo and the old Eastern region of Nigeria trying to create a country of theirs – Biafra . Allegedly, this is in readiness of the address which is said to be 6.pm (Nigerian Local Time )on Sunday !

The Biafra separatist group, the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) has been a torn on the flesh of the Nigerian government, with the proscribing of the group as a terrorist group and blocking the airwaves in order to block the broadcast, the people of Eastern Nigerian , mainly the Igbo ethnic group and those that are sympathetic to Biafra cause has gone online.

Nigeria, noted to be the biggest ICT destination in Africa with the broadband penetration getting higher on an annual basis, the internet penetration has seen a lot of the citizens having access to internet and smartphone usage placed at over 70 million and growing , the Nigerian internet ecosystem which the Igbo ethnic group is part of can be said to be the biggest in Africa.

As the cost of broadband connection is dropping , people have taken solace in online television and a whole lot of TV stations are popping up like popcorns ! This situation has brought disruption in the hitherto establishment which is regulated by the government agencies such as Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation and Nigerian Communication Commission …as the countries of Africa embrace technology, there has been a clear change from the way information has been disseminated which is the traditional media to online media medium such as mobile applications and YouTube. Will the government block the internet based on security reasons or allow freedom of information, time will tell but one thing that is of note here is – Africans are embracing technology at a fast pace!

Christopher .E. Chukwuemeka


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