The Military Has No Right To Monitor Social Media – Chuks Nwachukwu

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As the clamour to restructure Nigeria political and economic space is reaching a high crescendo, it has been alleged that the national assembly isn’t showing interest as it stands today. This has demonstrated that there is a disconnect between them and the people they are representing. This is worrisome,said Chucks Nwachukwu, a social commentator and legal practitioner

He was quoting Baralabe Musa and others that have called for the need to Restructure the nation. He said that the is need to punctuate. He said that agitation is a period for reform and the government must understand this.

Chuks said that we have political and economic restructuring…and due to the fact that there has been a higher call for political Restructuring, there is need to look at economic Restructuring. The economic model has to change.

The position of the military is absurd as it regards to hate speech. The constitution spelt out the roles of hate speech and military isn’t a police and they have not been mandated to monitor hate speech be it in social media. This is the height if degree of absurdity and they think their job is to release fear on the people. Fear is itself a hate speech and they are wanting to use this to put terror on people ,he said .

He said that the military has nothing to monitor the civilians on this but restated that there is nothing wrong in containing hate speech but there should be ways things are done.


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