Lagos, the city state and the financial capital of Nigeria is amazing, no doubt! The city took shape basically during the time that it was the political capital and a whole lot was invested to make the city become what it is today. With special status as the country’s capital, Lagos became thick and attracted a whole lot, the good , the bad and ugly! This was to be until Babangida, Abacha et al decided to move the capital to Abuja citing security reasons and centrality !

Though, Lagos was robbed of her capital status but still fought and as a city that is known for “hutsling” the city hustled her way and retained the financial capital of the nation. Companies found the cities so attractive and folks got so used to the hurdle and bustle of the city. The city can be called a mad place but her citizens love the madness and can’t do away with it. The noise, the gragra and the early morning movement isn’t what you can dump for a laid back city like Abuja and pretty expensive! So, Lagos kept trending and is trending but some areas in Lagos are nightmares! Mile 2 to Iyana Oba are few of these areas ! The infrastructure there has virtually collapsed. Though, roads and rails have been on offing as it seems.

The ECOWAS transnational highway is being built which is an eight lane project with railways to augment but it has taken forever to complete. The project was started in last century (1990s ) till date , in a snail pace, the project is moving how long it would take to be completed, that is what people don’t know.

This Mile 2 corridor all the way to Alaba Rago is such a busy corridor that if you are coming to the country via any West African nation you would meet this and witness the road! Nightmarish is an understatement, the road is madness even the devil wouldn’t want to dance break dance here ! The Okada men (Commercial motorcyclists) rule the day and accident a common place. But, residents of the area are used to such, they are the only means to catch up with a business appointments. Taking the old rickety buses are stressful, you either waste precious time in the traffic or you get yourself messes up before one arrives destination.

With lots of business interests along that corridor such as the popular Alaba International Market ,which is the biggest electronic market in the country to The International Trade Fair complex then the Navy Town, Satellite Town, Army Barracks and FESTAC Town. These are critical areas that are not only important to the state but nation at large.

While the residents suffer, questions have been raised on why it has taken the government forever to fix the road. The economic cost of this runs into millions daily, this is what we must take into consideration. As we wait for the completion of the project, the residents of the area are getting used to such a situation which they think it’s norm but to outsider, there is nothing normal about bad roads, terrible traffic and above all high crime around the Mile 2 axis.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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