Merry Christmas: Santa Claus, All I Want Is Fuel As A Gift !



“Nigeria is the 8th largest oil producer in the world. It is a disgrace that we are in this cinematography” Said Abdullahi Suleman , this was statement  of a Nigerian  venting his frustration  and his inability to find a fuel (premium  motor spirit)  the he would  use to power his generator and  engage his teeming customers. Nigeria is a country run on small generators that is used to generate electricity. The nation can’t boast of regular electricity ,yet it exports electricity , this has made the to rely on small generators and now there is fuel scarcity! 


Merry Christmas! The greetings and wishes that Nigerians are not finding funny! As the hardship bites harder and it is really taking tolls on the lives of Nigeria , Nigerians were of the opinion that they had to contend with electricity , terrible roads, insecurity and attendant suicide surge but never in their mind is fuel scarcity !

Nigeria as one of the top countries in the world has no reason whatsoever to have fuel scarcity but as the country is rudderless and confused over where to go, the country has to depend on foreign import with a president that doubles himself as the Petroleum Minister, a gift that Obasanjo gave us when he started doubling as a minister of Petroleum other seems to copy him excluding Goodluck Jonathan. Now ,Buhari has taken over the ministry ,just like we never envisaged , today a litre is sold N200 – N600 in some places like Lekki Lagos! A far cry from what this APC led administration promised and also a deeper dent go their image on the inability to manage the economy

In the words of Emeka Okeke, a resident of Abesan Estate, he said that “War zone, I bought at 200 per litre in Ipaja but a dude bought at 600 per litre in Lekki with a V8 engine. The guy almost cried that he had to diss all his friend who were waiting to go and hang out. Give fuel instead of rice for Xmas. Happy holidays my people around the world.”

Bunmi Ojo said that, “All I want for Christmas is a litre of fuel! Keep your rice and stew all I want is just a keg of fuel”

25th December , a stroll to many churches witnessed empty churches, with many people deciding to stay at home and worship than been brave to start looking for fuel to either go to church or taxis that the prices have skyrocketed.

Nigerians are known to travel during Christmas , a period of family reunion and get together, but this particular Christmas has seen many buses and parks empty. A trio from Lagos to Onitisha which was about N 3,500 today is N13,000 with no passengers in site . Most travellers have decided to stay back and watch as the economy improves.

Some has tagged this Christmas as the gloomiest Christmas ever, with a year that has witnessed a lot of economic misadventures and hardship, adding fuel scarcity is one thing that Nigerians can’t take anymore. Though, the government has assuaged Nigerians that all will be well, but as it stands now ,all what Nigerians are asking is fuel for Christmas.

“Past and present government over the years have always promised an increment of the pump price of fuel as been a solution to this malodorous situation but it is obvious that this has become a broad day light “said Abdullahi Suleman , angered !

Nigeria is the 8th or so largest oil producer in the world. It is a disgrace that we are in this cinematography.

Merry Christmas





Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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