Real, shapely, pretty and a mum.that is scandal free, Mercy Johnson has maintained a balance with her career  and family. Having acted in many movies and one of the pillars in the Nigerian entertainment ecosystem, Mercy had her world crashing and on the brink of desolation when she lost her mum. Just like a thief in gne night , death came and took away Mama Mercy as she was called.

Though, been a while now, Mercy is yet to get over the loss.  The mum has been a source of strength to her, just like most mums, Mercy’s mum was there for her when her acting was on the downside those years . Mercy took to the social media to look back. In her words she said

“When you look into the coming year, you never plan for the worst. You always expect that life will have a way to make itself better…. Sometimes, like this past year has taught me, there are other plans… life simply happens.”

She added that “I never expected to lose my mother so soon, and so suddenly, but it happened, life happened.
No one can teach you how to cry with every fibre of your being and when exactly to stop crying.”

On a philosophical note she opined that “No one can truly teach you how to properly mourn a loss or fill up the empty painful, endless hole that death leaves. No one can….No one has that power but God.. Soon, you learn how, How to draw strength from the eyes and the smiles of those that love and truly care for you, You learn to find peace in the breaths you take when you wake up and in even in the taste of pepper soup.
Sometimes you even learn from a comment or two or fifteen thousand.”

She continued

“You learn how to cherish the great memories you shared, the laughs, the tears, the prayers, the victories.

You learn that yes, life happens and yes sometimes we are powerless to change our circumstances.

But as long as we still have life, we will smile again, laugh again, love again and be born again…”

The contrast of life , as she celebrated her birthday, she used the opportunity to ruminate on life, this thing called life and the contrast of life and death.

Mercy Johnson looking natural and dapper

Mercy Johnson Ozioma,  hails from Okene in Kogi State. Born in Lagos to a former naval officer, Mr Daniel Johnson and Mrs Elizabeth Johnson, she is the fourth child in a family of seven. She started her primary education in Calabar. Her father, being a naval officer, was later transferred to Lagos State where she continued her education at a Nigerian Navy Primary School. She went to a Rivers State Secondary School for her secondary education in addition to the Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Anthony Nwosu

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