Meet The Bissagos,Bojagos,Anaki, Bidjogo, Bidyogo, and Bujagos , Their Unique Culture , Their Way Of Life


Bijago young women of Guinea Bissau in West Africa in their ritual attire undergoing their puberty initiation rites. After this rites, the young women are free to engage in any courtship and marry, Bijago people practice the most rigid form of matriarchal system in Africa. On this land it is up to the man to dress handsome to attract a woman and men are to work and look after their wives and women, and inheritance system, of course, is matrilineal.

On the island of Orango Grande, in the Bijagos Archipelago, off the coast of Guinea Bissau, there is a matriarchal society where women possess all the power, where they organise themselves into associations which manage the economy, social welfare and the law. It is they who impose sanctions, direct, advise and distribute goods, and they are respected as the absolute owners of both the house and the land.

Here it is the man who has the obligation to dress very well to attract the attention of a woman. Women hold the supreme power of divorce in marriage. Men are turned to only for the tilling of the fields, hunting monkeys and fishing.

Bijago also known as Bissagos,Bojagos,Anaki, Bidjogo, Bidyogo, and Bujagos are an ethnic group which can be encountered only in Guinea Bissau.The Bijagos islands, is the only deltaic archipelago on the Atlantic coast of Africa and it comprises 80 islands and covers an area of nearly 10,000 km off the coast of Guinea Bissau.

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