Mediocrity Rules The Day: Hijab is trending more than Viola Nuela Echebima of UNN Double First Class and Intellectual Dexterity!



-First Class University of Nigeria Nsụka, 2016.

-Best Graduating Student University of Nigeria Nsụka, 2016.

-First Class Nigerian Law School, 2017.

-Best Graduating Student Nigerian Law School, 2017.

Because we have a country where mediocrity trumps excellence.
Because we have a country where noodles and anarchists break codes conduct to earn cheers.

Because we have a Nigeria where the reward for excellence is silence and deprivation.

A country where cassock and hijab command higher values than humanity.
A country controlled by we and us, of Islamic and Christian Governors forums.
A country of Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Governors forums.

Sometime ago, two law students from Ebonyi state made first class in UNN, went further, kept the record in Nigeria Law School. But, this was not newsworthy. It will not grow our stupidity. It will not fast track our backwardness.

No wonder folks risk the Libya Corridor. There is nothing left in our cups. Shame. Congratulations Nuela. Thanks for restoring the dignity of man.

Written by Alvan Chinagorom Emerald Ilo

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