The Medical Crisis in Nigeria and New Wave of Migration by The Doctors ~ Dr. Attah Essien



Sad scenes; Very soon Nigerians will go to Government hospitals and won’t see a Doctor. The health crisis in Nigeria is unprecedented as the mass exodus hits alarming proportions. Already it takes a new patient 2 hours to see a doctor on the average, 3 hours for new patients.

1. Over 100 doctors have resigned from UCH this year.

2. 800 Doctors have resigned from Lagos State hospitals over 2 years. 100 this month alone.

3. Kebbi State has been unable to employ a single Doctor in 2 years despite multiple adverts for employment.

4. Over 200 Doctors and nurses have resigned from Ladoke Akintola Teaching Hospital this year .

5. Nigerian has 80,000 registered Doctors. More than 50,000 are practicing abroad.

6. 92% of Nigerian Doctors in Nigeria are considering finding a job abroad.

7. 70% of Nigerian Doctors are making plans to leave for foreign lands and are taking exams to that effect .

8. 236 Doctors wrote Primaries for West Africa College of physicians in 2017 to gain admission to Nigerian Teaching Hospitals, 5 years ago over 1000 wrote the same exams.

9. 660 wrote PLAB to practice in the UK over this Primaries exam.

10. Over 1000 have registered for the next PLAB.

Across the nation the story is the same. And the scary part is no one seems to be bothered.”

The Medical Crisis in Nigeria and New Wave of Migration by The Doctors ~ Dr. Attah Essien

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