Jos City, the capital of Plateau State was on lock down when the media mogul, Segun Oruame turned 50. This brought the well wishes and business partners to give him a surprise birthday as a mark of appreciation.

Having touched many lives in the media related business, the celebrant was surprised on the level of love that was shown to him. In his words , the celebrant said ” I am very humbled and elated at this , I don’t know how this was possible but I want to say a very big thank you for making this happen.”

Celebrant with wife , Dorcas Oruame

Danjuma Nenrot, one of the organizers of the event said” Segun has been a man of the people, having touched the lives of people in Jos, those of us that are close to him understand that he is a jolly good fellow, never a trouble maker and always seeking ways to add value in the lives of people. As a very detribalised man, we are happy to be associated to him.”

David Daser , a good friend of the celebrant added ” he is a versatile man, as an ICT stakeholder, he has added his input in the city of Jos by establishing an ICT firm that has employed people, added value to the city and brought capacity building. He has always been at the forefront of changing the ICT narrative in the state . ”

Dancing with wife


“It was an amazing coup! Didn’t see it coming. Family, friends, colleagues and business partners – all ‘coupists’ who plotted secretly and for weeks, spending time and money to make June 10, 2019 a pleasant surprise for me; God’s goodness and mercy will abide by you all. And He will at the fullness of time, surprise you all beautifully beyond your expectations. He will! And here’s the evidence of your beautiful coup”, an elated and appreciative celebrant concluded.

Segun has vast knowledge in the media world. As the head of KnowHow Media international, the publishers of IT Edge News, Baobab Magazine, eReports and other media businesses . The celebrant has diversified into other businesses such as QTech , an ICT firm based in Jos. A firm that has constantly pushed a narrative of digital Jos in the area of capacity buildings.

Anthony Nwosu

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