Mbaise People Collapse Structure For Steve & ADP



In one of the major communities that determines elections in Imo that is poised to give Rochas a nightmare , Mabise . A community , Oru Mabise welcomes a seasoned technocrat ,ICT guru and expert to spearhead the state of Imo into the digital economy. With the entrance of Steve Uwazie into the politics of Imo state that has been bedevilled with moulding of statues rather than building of ICT incubation centres.

The good people of Oru Mbaise Ahiazu welcomes their own, Chief Steve Uwazie as in the bible it could be likened to the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Received by a mammoth crowd at his home town Ahiazu mbaise accompanied by the state leader Hon chima Chukwudi, state youth leader Comrade emeka onyejiaka, deputy youth leader comrade Ukah martins, state special duties secretary chief Bob Nkume Njoku and a host of other. It is a homecoming Steve !

Addressing the people Hon chima made it clear that everyone is a stakeholder and anyone who has capacity should indicate interest in any elective position. Giving his speech his Excellency Steve Uwazie gave his people hope and asked the to stand beside him to achieve this herculean task.

Imo state irrespective of the oil prospecting in the state is one of the poorest states in the southern Nigerian. With a paltry Internally generated revenue of ₦5 billion per annum. The need to change the narrative is here and the people of Mbaise are saying “enough is enough”. Having digitisation in their mind and needing a technocrat that would lead them into a digital economy, the man Steve is home !

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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