Mary Akpan Thanks Anja Ringgren Lovén For Saving Akwa Ibom Kids From “Witchcraft”


Akwa Ibom noted for oil exploration and energy services came into the limelight sometime ago not for energy exploration but for children exploitation.

The whole country was disturbed some years ago when children and infants were labelled “witches” people watched from sidelines and local NGOs were perplexed on what to do! As a cultural thing, these Non Governmental Agencies were just dazed ! As of the Akwa Ibom Government, we can’t say this is their role. Though reportedly they played role in this cultural issue.

Things kept been “swept under the carpet” until Anja Ringgren, a Scandinavian lady, all tattooed up came to the scene, adopted some of the kids that were tagged witches that were left to die! She took them, clothe them, and gave them hope ! Just like Mary Slessor did in Calabar centuries ago when the British lady stopped the villages from tagging twins “evil” this Scandinavian lady tried to change the cultural orientation. Are the kids she took doing great ? Yes!

A Nigerian lady , Mary Akpan from the region has recently thanked Anja for the role she has played and she stated that “The world is not in need of Perfect People, but those with Kind Hearts.”

This is her letter to Anja …

Dear Anja Ringgren Lovén.

This is to let you know you INSPIRE me when it comes to serving humanity for the benefit of the younger generation.

You once visited Nigeria like every other foreign visitors but decided to take it upon yourself the burden to help rescue and nurture kids accused, abandoned and rejected because of superstition.

So far, you and your team has rescued close to a 100 kids who now live comfortable in the “Land of Hope”, nurtured with love and care.

This is one day I have looked forward to, to learn from your experience and to know what drives you as a person.

Silver and Gold I have none but like I wrote in the picture, “With you, there is hope for humanity”.

Thanks for Accepting my little gift in appreciation 😊😊 as we toast to this amazing friendship.🥂🥂

The work you do touches God’s heart. He will bless and strengthen you. Amen.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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