Marriage is not an achievement – Ifeanyinwa Onyeabo



The issue of marriage and how it is viewed has been a universal question. With civil union and cohabitation gaining grounds today in Africa and Nigeria isn’t an exception. The question is ; Can marriage be viewed as an achievement?


Yes? No, that is what people might answer. It is a case if different strokes for different folks and it depends on the side of divide one finds himself.

Why is marriage not an achievement but Graduation is?Do you think Graduation is an achievement for someone like Buhari who is ruling you without a university degree ?

What if Buhari tells you that your certificate is not an achievement?

The man who gave me this platform to correct these horrific notions about marriage and Lagos-Ibadan media news would not care about my LLM, would he?

So what makes you think your ability to get what you define to be an achievement is an achievement but marriage is not?

Is having a baby an achievement? Yes? No? If No, why do we feel so happy when we hear the cry of a baby? My Igbo people says, “onulu akwa nwa ehhhh, ayeeee, onulu akwa nwa mee ngwa ngwa, obuso ofu onye nwe nwa”.

Why is child delivery an achievement but marriage is not?

Note: I have not said marriage is an achievement. Not just yet.

Just tell me why you think whatever it is you do is an achievement but marriage is not.



Ifeanyinwa Onyeabo

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