“Repeat after me, I am a force of nature , I am unstoppable and I would not stop until I succeed “

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji, she is hardworking, she is pretty and she is focused, maybe her case would be used as case studies in business schools nationally . From ordinary hustler in the streets of Akoka trying to make ends meet in the beauty pageant world she moved to media ,though not mainstream, who really cares ? She went blogging and she made a mark in her chosen niche to be one of the most sought after media platforms ….advertisers and PR firm court her, Celebrities die to be mentioned in her platform , she mastered the business even without the basic knowledge of media business she made a fortune ! She is Linda

Not done , she moved to Television and some other social media stuff… After a fight with Google ! She came out stronger not tail tucked in between her legs her Linda Ikeji TV has gone live as is seems ..was an online thing to taste the waters but as it stands today ,she is going live and that is to demonstrate resolve to survive.

In an economy majority are crying hardship and recession some are expanding and acquiring and Linda Ikeji seems to be in this elitist club. She has proved sceptics wrong.

Having impacted in the lives of youths especially girls in the education space , Linda came under public scrutiny when she announced she was pregnant some few months ago. Moralistic folks used her as a diner and scapegoat while feminists had her back. She can be said to be

Very ambitious, she was said to fashion her TV after Netflix. She hinted that it would also be on DSTV soonest! That’s some guts for a single lady and mother to be !

She took to Instagram to tell the world that she intends that her TV would be the Nigerian answer to Netflix, though Iroko TV owned by Jason Njoku has tried to answer this question but would Linda Ikeji TV elaborate on the answer , people have asked  .But what we can’t take away from this 38yr old pretty lady is that most of things that she touches turn to gold. Is she the media Midas ? Time would tell

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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