Linda Ikeji Pregnancy, Is It Always Cool To Have Kids Outside Wedlock ?



Linda Ikeji isn’t just any girl you see on the streets! She has made a mark in her chooses field -media. As a lady I can tell that Linda is a role model for young girls and a whole lot of people look up to her . Lately, she announced that she is pregnant and gave reasons why she wants to be pregnant!

We totally understand the need for a lady to want to have kids of her own and having reached a threshold in life ,which is around 38yrs of age the need to have a child would be important, but that ain’t enough! In this era of feminism and copying a lot by young women, they would be saying ” if she can get pregnant outside marriage ” then it is cool to be pregnant out of marriage and kids would follow suit.

I might not be a Puritan or moralist but I think that a spade should be called a spade. Pregnancy out of marriage ( Ime Mkpuke) as we call it in Igbo land is what someone should be ashamed of and not something to be celebrated.

That I made a mistake does not stop me from calling the bad mistake bad. I will criticize myself so I can criticize others too..I’m not using condemn because, its only God that has the power to condemn anyone, and no one is perfect. But, must call a spade a spade.

So, if Linda is not married and she is truly pregnant, there’s nothing to congratulate and celebrate about. Even the people of abroad whom we are trying so much to copy don’t celebrate pregnancy outside wedlock. They call the child a bastard.

If my daughter gets pregnant before marriage, I will not disown her, I will not kill her, but I will let her know that what happened is one her live’s mistakes and nothing she should be proud of. We believe that we should say it the way it is. Pregnancy outside marriage has never been “cool” and mustn’t be celebrated.

Ucheoma Chisorom Nwogu



So, if Linda is not married and she is truly pregnant, there’s nothing to congratulate and celebrate about.









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