Libya, the Nigeria Youth Experience and Mindset of Golden Fleece


Libya, the Nigeria Youth Experience and Mindset of Golden Fleece

Having served in Benin City, which is the epicenter of human trafficking in Nigeria, I have come in contact with Nigerian youth and it’s shallowness. When I was serving as a teacher during my mandatory NYSC in Siluko Rd in that ancient city, I made startling and disturbing observations. The average Benin sees overseas travel as an achievement and 9nce you have crossed the Atlantic, you have achieved a milestone in your life . The average Benin you doesn’t believe that he can make it in Nigeria ! When they are engaged, they have this mindset that they would travel one day, a situation that have made men of 40yrs to want to travel out to Europe despite the age disadvantage.

As a teacher then teaching in mixed private school, the Senior classes which I was handling for externals exams like WAEC majority of them wouldn’t pay attention and would show disdain for classes. When asked , they would say that their sisters would come from Europe to pick them! Majority graduates, loaf around and do nothing but anticipating Europe trip. This was my experience as an NYSC member, a cultural shock to me, coming from a place ( Anambra ) where emphasis is in education and trading.

This is harsh but this is true,I have to say this clearly….I don’t get it ! It isn’t adding up, you raise over 600k to travel to Europe via desert , it’s crazy, it’s foolishness, knowing that right from time, desert has been inhospitable, the touregs tribe has no chill, in short they are hot all through they year, you spent that amount of money to travel illegally…’s stupidity.

Sometimes when I see those Nigerians that came back from Libya and all those countries , I don’t pity them but on a second look , I pity them because I am a humanist. If we are to look at these things critically, I think the Nigerians there are to be blamed in some instances and the collapsed Libyan government …in Igbo land, we used to have a saying , ” when you blame the goat for eating the yam, you still blame the owner of the yam for keeping his yam carelessly”.

Spending over 600 thousand Naira to travel out as an economic migrant only to be illegal migrant in any country is basically madness and stupidity. With this amount, one can have a small business set up, the guys in computer village and Alaba market never had this kind of bulk amount, what they had was positivity, resilience and experience. This is what they lack in these migrants .

My thoughts on the Libyan slaves

According to Nwakama , a Pastor I, he said “But you must know, lazy and desperate people seek the easy way out of life. And if you must know too, every short cut in life tends to cut your life short. If you must go to Europe, prepare and go to any embassy, apply for and get a visa for your journey. But if you choose to go through the desert, I cannot pity you or shed a tear for you in whatever fate that befalls you. You think everybody in Europe is wealthy? Go get life. You waste N9000000 to travel to Italy or Spain through the desert just to go wash dead bodies and be dodging police at will. You need education, not certificate or degree. If you are desperate, you die in despair.”

It doesn’t make sense to spend so much money to travel, only for you to be made a second class citizens, in Libyan case, it is racism and the blacks are made to see themselves as items not humans. The AU stands aloof, the Muslim Arab worlds are pretending that all is well, the West which made Ghaddaffi fall are looking elsewhere maybe North Korea and the African suffer. This has demonstrated that black lives doesn’t matter, it’s African thing and let them sort themselves. This is the situation today.

We totally agree that there is a partial system collapsed in Nigeria, we totally agree that leadership is a challenge in Nigeria and has always been a challenge from 1960 till date. Nigeria has been jinxed with inept and Ill trained individual as leaders and no exception, Awolowo, Sarduan , Zik and others . They have performed below par and there is no point eulogizing them, but wait a minute! There is hope, some people are still making it big in such a dysfunctional system. Take a walk to Alaba, Ladipo, Aba, Nbewi, Onitsha, Bodija etc and you would realise the opportunities that available themselves. It is not the system that is dysfunctional, it is the mindset of many Nigerian youths . As you embark of that Christopher Columbus trip, ask yourself question, is the spending of such a huge sum of money worth it !

Anthony Emake Nwosu




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