They voluntarily paid $6,000 each to reach the shores of Libya for onward movement to Italy and other European cities, where they hoped to secure and enjoy a better life….

Well….. From there they became victims of their own choices. Nobody came into Nigeria or Ghana or Cameroon to pick them as slaves; rather they went there by themselves and with their own money, but their “Pointsmen” and “points women” had other ideas. They considered them as not more than slaves who are only fit to work menial jobs in the family homes of Europeans, and for that they tagged them with the price tag of $400 each for the Europeans to buy and herd them to their homes for domestic chores!

The double evil elements of greed and quest for easy life are what drove these ‘slaves” from their homes in Nigeria into the waiting arms of “slave drivers” in Libya. A quick conversion of $6,000 into naira will tell you that these “slaves” were/are not poor people by any stretch. We are talking about 2.6 million naira spent by each “slave” to freely become “slaves” in Europe, and by my reckoning, poor people have no such cash in any part of the world. Never!

A sadder dimension to this so called slavery story is the fact that in some communities in Nigeria, it is the parents or families that raise such huge sums for their children, especially for daughters, to go to Italy or other European cities to become sex slaves and send large sums of dollars home. So, here again, it is a misnomer to call what befell these lazy people of easy virtue in Libya as slavery. Or, if we want to be charitable to them, we can agree that it is slavery but not a coerced one; rather a wilful one by people who are not poor and who deserve no pity for paying their way into deserved slavery!

How I wish I have this $6,000 or its naira equivalent of 2.6 million, because I know that this sum can set anyone up for a good start in business, and get very good returns that can set one off in a life of prosperity instead of wasting it on a supposed Mediterranean journey to a better life in Europe!

Well, it’s good that CNN broke the story of this self-induced slavery, and it’s also good that Nigeria’s federal government sent in aircrafts and brought back home our own contingent of “rich slaves”. I really don’t pity them. If you calculate $6,000 by the number of our own contingent, you will understand how much internal investment money these ” rich slaves” wasted to their Libyan masters, money they could have used as entrepreneurs in Nigeria to create more jobs!

Now I hope you understand why some Nigerians love corruption and corrupt politicians! It’s all in the desire for lazy, easy life!

What a shame!

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