Austine Okere, Enerst Ndukwe, Leo Stan Ekeh Unveils Ausso Business School (Photos)


Ausso Business Academy, a world class business Academy that is fashioned to cater for entrepreneur that are scaling their businesses and corporate organisations that want a bespoke mentoring services has been unveiled in Lekki, a posh ,serene area of Lagos State.

With the change of narrative in the Nigerian economic space, today Enterpreneurship are encouraged in the country.  The school has been designed for Entrepreneurs that are passionate about their pursuit , who see value in mentoring and having hope in building outstanding brands shouldn’t look outside the country for a world class business academy! The Ausso Academy located in Lagos has brought these nearer to them. Time, capital flight and other things like convince would be saved.

“You can make all the cash in the world ,that doesn’t always make you a millionaire but what makes you a millionaire is the legacy and that is why I am here to support Austin”, Leo Stan Ekeh, Founder Zinox Computers

We are the entrepreneur in Nigeria but which school did we go to , with this project, enterprnuer can always go back to schools such as this. A lot of us need to sit back and come back here and learn and teach the people.

What differentiate the Nigerian business owners and havard trained startup is presentation.

AXA and Mansard Chief operating officer, Mr. Tosin said that with the level of enterprnuerahip in Nigeria has shown Nigerians ad one of the most enterprising people.’

” If we don’t harness this properly we end up exporting our brains to other nations…business education that would help channel energies and educations of young people that would build big enterprises is important.

“Today I think marks an important step in achieving this. With this project business owners would be showed and trained how to scale their businesses ” he added

Olamide of Lagos Business school said that the Austin Business School Academy has shown that Lagos Business School with Austin as an alumnus of the school. With the leadership Academy program has shown that this would be a transformative leadership process in Nigeria.

In the words of the founder, Austin Okere on what motivated him to start the leadership academy are to give the entrepreneur the advise that nobody to have to him.” To be a mentor to the startups and finally to localise training in Nigeria. This is as a result of training children overseas and they don’t come back but they contribute to another man’s economy while been second class citizens overseas.”

Asso Leadership academy would try to answer questions on why businesses fail. The inability for businesses to have structure and scalability. This has made businesses die off once the owner goes. The lack of ethical conducts are what make businesses fail. These are the few things that the Academy try to answer and solve apart from the networking ventures .

Businesses in scaling mode or shows potentials are the things that qualifies business owners for the Academy not for startups . The academy is poised and position to cater for businesses in scaling mode or that have sufficient growth. In the area of affiliation, the academy is affiliated with LBS, GP strategies UK and other overseas entrepreneur hubs.

With a three weeks full intensive program,the three week program is designed so that people wouldn’t be trapped but at the same time have a quality training. The academy has also designed bespoke services for corporate organisation .

Anthony Emeka Nwosu



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